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a Andrew Maxwell Morris

One of the nicest things about what we do is discovering new kindred spirits inside songs that find their way to us. Andrew Maxwell Morris has been one of our favourite Fresh Picks to date for this very reason. His calm and genuine character is a calm resting place for the heart to find refuge in a world that never stops turning. Such a nice surprise when he stopped by to share what he is up to this season.

Well I played Glastonbury this year and was shortlisted for a Glasto Award along with some pretty famous names like Ben Howard and Hozier – I didn’t win but it was nice to be recognized by Consequence of Sound for this. That is the 5th time I’ve played at Glastonbury and it never ceases to amaze me what a special place it is. I was also working as a stage manager and met quite a few famous people including Billy Bragg, Alabama 3 and Roy Harper’s son Nick Harper. I love the atmosphere of the place and the fact that everyone is so open minded to new music of any kind.

Apart from that I am writing music for my second album which I am hoping to record at the end of the year – it is going to feature a more electric sound and i’m really excited about the energy of the songwriting at the moment. I am working with a new band and thinking about ideas for a producer for the album as well. I feel that the songs have a great energy and direction and Im looking forward to people hearing it.

I’ve also been commissioned to write music for EMI in London – Im working with two singers, writing songs for them and have been in and out of the studio over the last month in London. Some of the songs are Americana songs and the others are more folk songs and are written with a view to the Film and TV market, so hopefully another major brand advert would be amazing!

Im playing a few festivals in and around London in the Summer at the end of August and I’ll be on BBC radio in London doing a live session and an interview, where I’ll be talking about my music and how to balance this with a busy day job! 

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