True Love Is…

A favourite question in our interviews with answers cut straight from the heart. 

Dolores O’Riordan- True love fills you with calm. Not doubts, deception and heartbreak – nor is it that fatal kind of love I sing about in ‘Linger’ because love does not hurt you.

Eddie Vedder- True love has got no ceiling.

Bruce Springsteen- Music. It centres me, gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of identity. Whenever I come home from playing I feel whole. 

Adam Cohen-  A state, a place, a noun a verb, the most beautiful word that you ever heard- A line from Hallelujah, Jesus and Buddha, love is a faded sign that you don’t see sometimes. 

Hozier-  Something tangible & real – to love someone as a human being

MAY- I believe that true love is honest, unwavering and immortal.

Marcus Foster- True Love is… Hard to find.

Caitlin Crosby- SERVICE. Selfless. Sacrifice

Brandon Malone- Loving someone right where their at, while inspiring one another to be more.

Ben Rothbard- Empowering the one you love.

Rayland Baxter- – True Love is… true Love is… a couple walking around their neighborhood after dinner hoLding hands and wanting nothing but each other… true Love is a huge fight… true Love is what the worLd and all her inhabitants are born with… its a feeLing that i cant expLain… its the most speciaL type of excitement.

Nicholas & the Pessimistics- When you would rather have a bad day with someone over a good day without them.

JP Maurice- For Lovers

Yamir- Understanding, trust, valuing one another, and passion.

Mick Evans- Anything you can’t give up.

Andrew Maxwell Morris- Knowing that you are safe and with someone who completes you in every way. Like a blanket but a very comfy one!

Dave Cheetham- Something everyone one deserves and no one should have to settle for less.

Devin Cuddy- Hard to find, but out there, its a journey not a destination.

Zane Carney- A choice that has become fearlessly unconditional.

Matt Costa- A bottle of Brandy and a good guitar.

Lenka- It’s everywhere. Just let it in.

Francesca Tamellini- Painful

David Newberry- Irresistable

Blue Sky Miners- A myth. Love is all around.

Poor Remy- “True love” now that we’re reading it seems kind of redundant. When you find truth, you find love. I think thats true with anything. Thats why love is so powerful, cause its true. 

Augustines- There are many kinds of love. A mother’s, a friends’, a lover, a wife’s, a brother’s.  True love?  Probably being connected with the life you are living, the actual life.  Not the life that is purchased or justified from the outside.

Griffin House- I honestly do not know.  That’s not a sexy answer, I know.  But it’s honest.  I should go look up “love” in the dictionary. That in and of it’s self would be an act of love, to me. Trying to find a proper definition is a great place to begin. I do know this.  I think I have had a bit of an incorrect definition of true love for most of my life. I think we look to other people to fill a big void in ourselves and we think that if we meet “the one” that we’ll feel happy forever and life will be wonderful.  But I don’t think that’s love, I think that is using another person to make yourself feel good.  The closest thing I could maybe venture to say is that true love is unconditional.

Ant Savage- Wow if I could answer that I would bottle it and sell it and the world would be a much better place. I don’t know, true love can be anything to anybody, I suppose its that thing you know that you couldn’t live without, that could be a person, a passion (music for example) you’ve got me there!

a love post 1 corithinians 13

Ben Taylor- God.

Jordan Klassen- True love is unbridled devotion. To have your imagination captured, and the instinct to give your own life awakened. Whoa, this just got real.

Joshua Radin- I’ll let you know when I find it. But I’m hoping it feels as good as eating a pizza from Lombardi’s.

Pete Murray- You have found your best mate.

Tyler Lyle- A summer day.

Portugal. The Man- Money Baby!

Milo Greene- Puppies

Megan Bonnell- This day in age we have so much exposure to other people’s lives on Instagram and Facebook and blogs. As nice as this connectedness can be, and how inspiring certain elements are, it’s also so easy to forget how distorted they are. They are not an accurate depiction of whole lives. They are very curated displays of what small portions someone is comfortable sharing of themselves. It’s so easy to compare yourself to these unmatchable standards and this can really do a number on your self confidence. I say, as I’m learning myself, to just focus on being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. There is no one just like you out there and you’re amazing. There is such a focus on physical beauty in the media, but really, that comes last. Focus on having a beautiful soul. Feed it with life experiences and adventures. And above all, be kind.

Wilder Adkins- I am bound to fail you lover, I am bound to let you down, Oh but do not give up on me, how I long to make you proud.

The Boom Booms- The Soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.

Dominique Fricot- Something we are all looking for.

Alex Badger- Don’t make me write an essay.

Sean Rowe- My Boy Jack.

Joey: True love is when your heart races and you don’t know why.

Jordi: I haven’t really experienced it yet.

Ollie: I’ve encountered a small amount of love but she broke my heart to pieces. 

Heidi Vincent- Kind and Patient

My Name is You- Everywhere

Alice Boman- Something I wish for everyone.

The Marlow Brothers- “Evol eurt” spelt backwards.

Patrick Ballantyne- What a parent feels for their children. I didn’t understand that until I became a parent.

Jacob McCaslin- Having no doubt in your mind that the person you’re with is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The Postelles- Hard to find, but worth looking for.

The Rough and Tumble- We’re writing songs and songs and reading books on books and listening our hardest to find out. 

Tommy Alto- Pizza.

Buckman Coe- Undeniable, Unwavering, All encompassing, and Undying.

Ben Holland- Expensive. All those Roses, Meals, Wines, Rings, Necklaces… Give me good old cheapskate loneliness anyday…

Chad Joiner- John 15:13

a winnie the pooh

Lewis Watson- Mayonnaise, I put it on everything.

Christopher Ford- Sleeping in with my beautiful wife.

Jazz Mills- The strongest force on the planet.

The Bros. Landreth- Finding that utterly unique and irreplaceable person and loving them more than you love yourself. 

Michael Franti- Always being there.

Izzi: Only 15 so still totally confused in that romantic area. (Kuki & the Bard)

Kuki:Hot chocolate from burgos in Spain plus a big kiss from my horses and a cuddle from my rabbit.

Sam Weber- Synchronicity.

Katie Buchanan- Oh god, that’s above my pay grade.

Midnight Pilot- True love I think is when you give your time, effort, compassion, gratitude, and patience selflessly and unconditionally to another person. My wife has taught me a lot about what it means to truly love someone well. 

Joshua Fletcher- Completely selfless and completely engrossing.  Also, not very punk rock.

Jenni Alpert- The willingness to listen, be patient, give forgiveness, and have understanding even if another’s point of view isn’t clear yet with the ability and willingness to take care of one’s self.

The Matinee- Warm Beer on a cool Christmas morning.

Escondido- Truth, Honesty, and Friendship

LISSIE- Deep and amazing friendship + passion.

Luca Fogale- Never having anything to worry about.

Josh Kelley- Not sure if anyone really has a convincing answer to that question but for me as love goes it redefines itself over and over again through the journey. Starts out more physical then becomes emotional, reveals itself in moments of compromise and sometimes struggles. It’s become a bonding agent as well now with 2 children and 5 years into a marriage, more seen in the simple things. I love love..

Shwayze- Needed.

Third Smoke- Jesus these questions just keep getting better! Right. I could write an essay on my musing of the different traits and circumstances required to produce it. I won’t though. An observation of what it might look like: When two people can enjoy each other’s company and enhance each other’s lives for long stretches of their life. True love for us?  Maybe: Attractive lady musicians that like to laugh…..and enjoy baking!

Winter’s Hill- Finding something that you are able to find escapism in, something that you are truly passionate about.

The Natterjacks- Life’s like a special daydream when you’re with that special someone.

Nate Maingard- Depth and believing in love.

ORLY- Loving with your whole heart. Unconditionally. 

Building Pictures- Taking your partner to see a band that he/she loves, even if their music makes you want to jump out the car window when they come on the radio. I actually haven’t done that yet.

Nina Yasmineh- “Our individuality is all, all, that we have. There are those who barter it for security, those who repress it for what they believe is the betterment of the whole society, but blessed in the twinkle of the morning star is the one who nurtures it and rides it, in grace and love and wit, from peculiar station to peculiar station along life’s bittersweet route” – Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

Mikey Wax- Someone who doesn’t judge you or try to change you. Someone who not only accepts your quirks, but admires them.

The Janks- I would spend the time figuring out what would turn this hypothetical lady to mush and then I would slowly but surely administer dosages to them. Despite the specifics, the context would most certainly include conversation, food, entertainment, and numerous kisses. I tend to feel the greatest dates are the ones that are unplanned. It takes careful preparation in order to make a planned event feel spontaneous. I suppose it’s all about being present with your partner in the end.

Rory Partin- A really good homemade meal.

Justin James- Loving yourself cause only then can you accept love from others. 

Edwin McCain- True love means commitment through thick and thin.

Ula Ruth- Is the most painful thing in the world. It should be a completely debilitating feeling that comes over you when you think about, or see that person. You should feel crazy, in a good way. All your emotion should feel as if it comes from deep within your chest, like someone is pushing down on you making it difficult to breathe. True love can destroy you, but it is also when you feel the most alive.

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