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Fresh Independence caught up with Brett Dennen after a day of skiing in Aspen, Colorado. Currently on Tour: You don’t want to miss this diamond in the rough.

Where did Tour kick off?

We kicked off tour in Phoenix, AZ and stop in Honolulu, HI. I wish I could tour Hawaii all the time. I don’t, but I need to.

You were in Vancouver last February right?

I was , I love Vancouver, I was there last summer as well. 

Brett Dennen 3

The number one thing people say to me when they meet me is, “I didn’t realize you were so tall!” I heard that at least 50 times a day last month on tour. Here I am backstage last night in Madrid, warming up before the show. In Holland, I fit in just fine.

What is your favorite thing about Vancouver?

I just love the scenery, the air, the red wood trees, the breeze, it has that water-ocean-air energy to it that is invigorating and it is just so blue and green. Those are the colors of life- very inspiring. 


What are your likes and dislikes when on tour?

My likes and my dislikes… Well, I love traveling and I love playing music every night. I don’t like being far away from my girlfriend and I don’t like sleeping in a different room every night- that can get pretty tedious, but I love to travel. I mean, I never thought of myself as being somebody who would be a traveler, like a world traveler; I didn’t have big dreams like that. With playing music, you pretty much have to travel so that has made me become a jetsetter and that is hard. 

First world problems right?

[Laughs] Right! 

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Recently you hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro: In a nut shell what was your high during that experience and what was your low?

Well, being up on the mountain altitude wise that is a high and a whole different experience.

It is an incredible accomplishment if you take the time to let it sink in which I did so that was an incredible feeling. Visiting the hospital that we raised the money for, that felt good too and gave it all a sense of purpose. 

Brett Dennen

My lows on that trip were there was a couple times the altitude was bothering me, making me queazy, making me really homesick, making me feel like I couldn’t do it. That was rough, but it wasn’t that rough. Again if you want to talk about first world problems it really wan’t that rough. Anybody can do it I think if they lead a physically active lifestyle, it is not that difficult. 

Sounds like something that would be on the bucket list.

You know I didn’t think it would be on my bucket list until I did it. 


Your water color art is beautiful, what got you into this type of painting?

I don’t know, well I guess necessity. It is the only form of painting you can easily travel with and I like the challenge. You know it is not like other paint where you can layer over it, over and over and over something. Water colors- you paint something and it sticks and your stuck with it, you can’t really go over it. I like that, it is an exercise in letting go and an exercise in simplicity which can be a challenge. 

Water Color

Let’s talk albums… 

I understand it is such a fast paced industry and people are always wanting and looking for more… but what are your thoughts on a next EP or Album… Have you been writing and thinking about the next project…

Latest Album, ‘Por Favor Available Now

Yeah, I am writing, but I am letting the songs dictate, you know I am not trying to force anything, I don’t let, I am not trying to work with any deadlines or anything like that, I am sort of just letting it happen naturally- We’ll see.

What do you hope fans take from your live show?

Well this show I am doing is going to be a solo acoustic show so I hope we get a nice intimate vibe and people feel like they see me in a way they haven’t seen me before. It is a little more laid back and a little more just about the songs and the intimacy instead of high energy performance or like a dance party or something like that. 

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Your favourite band or breakthrough artist in 2015 folks should know more about? 

Well I have kept my eye on Leon Bridges  from Dallas, TX and he’s got a whole real-like Sam Cooke vibe, straight throwback to soul. Everything he does is pretty special and he blew up really big, really fast. He is incredible.

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