To read or not to read?

They say a habit takes two weeks to form.

My greatest one as of late has been reading before going to bed.

It does not feel right letting Instagram rule the first and last thought of our day.

I have been studying various directors and am learning that a common bond lay in the fact that many do not storyboard and find their style on set.

I do believe that an outline is necessary for smooth operation, but upon filming yesterday I decided to go with the flow and discovered that the plan I went in with revealed an inner stirring I did not expect.

Hence this short film- to be further developed.

Looking forward to diving into the art of fashion look books this Fall.

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Sipping on ideas

Sipping on ideas and Toyko Rose tea, we are actively pursuing our intentions to film in the world of fashion.

Looking forward to sharing, romance, innocence, and escape while instilling and relating to real life defeat and victory of the everyday.


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Now Filming Fashion Look Books

When you look your best, you feel your best.

This was our first Golf Shoot and to be honest, as I was shooting I did not know where the concept would go or if I would have viable footage.

The end result was powerful and the chosen song proves that strong is beautiful and superficial beauty of a magazine is not something to strive for.

I hope more women, young and mature can find refuge in music and sports.

Contact us if you brand is seeking a moment and story for others to relate, remember, and breathe new life.

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Fashionably Late

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Is your brand looking to tell a story? We transpire the everyday dreamer.

Romance is core and it is here we light up the style of heart.

Contact us HERE to film a Look Book.

Behind The Scenes Web Size

Below is a couple shots from our latest shoot for Hollister Paris Ft. Spain’s Pablo Corzo



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