Editing, heaven?


We should think of this as editing heaven because we are fortunate to be blessed with an abundance of footage, but too much of something is not always a good thing.

The past few weeks have pulled, prevailed, and passionately proven the restless need to breathe life into this chapter. The words of fellow Filmmaker Mark Freiburger will forever resonate within the beauty of this creative process:

“If you want to make a film, you literally have to will it into existence. There is no other way.”

So as you read this: The team is implementing the final touches of our official Trailer Pitch to secure further cast and pave a road for funding to begin Production.


In the meantime Director Kim Laureen is preparing to film our second Annual Christmas sessions in support of the not-for- profit start-up, ‘For An Angel’ at a quaint old Farm House in the countryside and her co founder Meg branches out to Paris to discover inspiration and study the art of Photography.

Stay tuned as we get back on the band wagon blog to further bring you meaningful stories of the faces behind the lens.

Yours in music,

Fresh Independence

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On the Daily


A) We were not aware

B) We are procrastinators

C) We have learned our lesson


Presently we sift through our LA & Nashville footage as we prepare to edit our first Trailer Pitch to secure funding and key cast.

Our hearts are warm and inspiration is flowing. Music truly does light us up and we look forward to bringing you into the world of discovering how and if love does exist in the wings of rock n roll.


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Nashville, the crew fell for you.

Thirdman Records

Americana roots captured the soul after trying hold our claim on the LA freeways and plastic culture. Nashville greenery, subtle humdrum, and country rock of Broadway opened the can of, ’happy’ in our hearts as we captured that and more of what we were looking for.

Escondido 1

Currently we reside at home in Vancouver; watching the rain drizzle down the window and secure our dailies as we storyboard and begin an edit for the trailer pitch.

We plan to come up for air, but in the meantime stay on the line as we have so much to share!

a coffey anderson

Do you believe real love can exist in the rock industry?

This post goes out to our Cinematographer Wes Chew. It is not without you and your giving heart that our shutter speed would have remained half hazard, lost in ISO darkness, only to drift in and out of focus if you did not manually save us! Thank-you for making us laugh, question, and challenge the essence of this Film. You are our Earth Angel.

What do you know… the sun just came out!



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Day 4: The Best Part of Nashville

Jane and Griffin

Loving this town and all the heart and soul within it. This morning took us to the home of Jane & Griffin House. They are ever so refreshing and grounded with a balance of loyalty to one another yet a comfortable freedom to grow into all the beautiful things life has waiting for you. Their story is a true testament to the certainty that Real Love Can’t Pretend.

I learned a long time ago not to worry about Griffin when he is out there on the road. I leave that up to him because the bigger part of me knows that he was ready for this. – Jane House

Jane 1

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