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Shanee Pink- Los Angeles

S h u h – N E E

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Shanee Pink

 I never ever ever buy fashion magazines. They tend to be about seasonal fashion trends that convince you to buy things you don’t need that will go “out of fashion” by the next issue you purchase.

Where are you writing this right now? 

My home in LA

Home is where your story begins, can you tell us a bit about yours?

My home is a cozy place with an inspiring view. I moved back to LA from NY two years ago because I needed to be closer to nature. What I love about living in California is that I’m just 30 min away from the ocean or the mountains and feel like that refreshes me and keeps me connected to earth.

How did Music find you? 

My brothers always played music in the house I grew up in. I was their number one groupie and I learned what I know about making music from being in their company and the company of other musicians from a young age. I wanted to sing and play like they did and eventually I turned from an observer to a participant.5. Your latest EP release: ‘Spreading In The Light’ would you share a story behind one of the songs? I wrote the song ‘Man to Man’ while on a visit to Israel. I was getting ready to play a show in Tel Aviv when I heard a story on the news about some extreme religious people harassing other religious people for not being as devout as they were. I just thought at that moment that the world had gone mad and that people forgot the most basic human decency of being kind and tolerant towards one another. The song wrote itself after that.6. Fashion. An intricate part to the musician lifestyle.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits on the road? 

I find inspiration from people on the street and from films of previous decades. I never ever ever buy fashion magazines. They tend to be about seasonal fashion trends that convince you to buy things you don’t need that will go “out of fashion” by the next issue you purchase. I dress up to my mood on that specific day and encourage women to figure out their own style through self expression. 

Shanee Pink 2

Shout-out to your top three Bands/ Artists to watch out for?

I’m in love with ‘Sylvan Esso’ at the moment. Also ‘Ramona Lisa’ has been playing on repeat in my car. And ‘Henry Wolfe’ is amazing too. All of these people are true artists who are bringing something new to our listening pleasure.

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Lindsay Kupser- Boston, USA I Calgary, Canada


From a very young age my mother noticed my affinity for matching pitch and memorizing lyrics and melodies when I would sing along to her CDs in the car. She is very musical and loved singing, so she recognized that and put me in some children’s choirs to develop it, and my love for singing and performing was very much a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I always took music more seriously than anything else, and I think I always knew it was going to be my career in the back of my mind, but I made the conscious decision to pursue it professionally and post-secondarily when I was about 16 I think. 

L I N D S A Y  K U P S E R

Where are you writing this right now?

On the flowery couch in the living room of the little red house I’m staying in for the summer in Cambridge, MA! 

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is quite a large city in Western Canada of over 1 million people. It’s an oil and gas industry-run city, so it was quite an interesting place to grow up in the sense that the city was always reasonably prosperous and didn’t really get hit too hard by the recession, but I felt it was lacking heavily in art and culture in my youth. I didn’t appreciate Calgary while I was there, and I felt I needed to leave in order to become the musician I wanted to be, which now I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but it’s what I did and I’m glad for it. To Calgary’s credit, every time I go back home I notice a beautiful and tangible improvement in the art and music scene, and this is due to some incredible artists there who are working their asses off to make sure art is prospering and a more vital part of the city. Although I was eager to leave, I really miss Calgary sometimes and I always enjoy the short time I have there. 

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Your latest release: The Boston EP. Tell us more about the inspiration behind the music.

All of the 6 songs on the EP are songs I wrote either in Boston while attending Berklee College of Music or about my experiences in Boston, excluding “It Hurts,” which I wrote when I was 16 but rediscovered after not playing it for several years while at school. I would say it’s fairly broad in terms of theme – each song is about a different person or feeling or experience – but they all have Boston in common, and it felt appropriate to title it as such. They are songs about trying to navigate life and relationships and people who don’t treat you well and missing people, specifically as a slightly anxious young person. 

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La La Lush – Bronx, New York


Colourful, vibrant, edgy. La La Lush deliver an old school ambience infused with a modern flare. They are the perfect addition to your  party play list and will keep you wanting more.  - Fresh Independence


La La Lush


We don’t really like to define age but I guess if you had to say…23 to 24.

Where are you writing this:

On a bus to NYC

a lala 

 How did La La Lush come to be?

We all met at Fordham University in the Bronx. The two Steve’s and Leea began writing and gigging together early on then eventually brought on Cashel and Joe to fill in the missing pieces.

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Brian Lopez- Tucson, AZ

Brian Lopez

Photo by:  Jimi Giannatti

As the abundant playlists of summer jams veer to an end, ‘Static Noise’ finds a place to swim through everyone’s veins. 

To a record and vibe that we cannot wait to hear live.

Honesty blurs musical boundaries and experimentation feels key. A gentle ode as the soft winds blow, swinging hips sway to the 60‘s, eyes close to a psychedelic circus like mood, and blues cut you deep.

Brian Lopez is not afraid to make you fall in love again. Let’s start where it all began:

Rock n Roll- A fine battle between fast and slow. Lopez prevails fierce and relaxed to the world unknown.

B R I A N  L O P E Z 

Where are you writing this right now?

My dining room table in Armory Park (Tucson, AZ).

Age: 31

I wish I lived in…

Drake’s house. I bet it’s nice, that sunnuvabitch.

 Home is where your story begins, could you tell us a bit about yours.

I was born and raised in the deep Southwest of Tucson, Arizona. Aside from a 6 month stint in Barcelona in 2005, and various stints abroad whilst touring, I’ve remained in my desert dwelling of downtown Tucson.

 How did Music find you?

In 6th grade I took a music class at my school, Roskruge Bilingual.  The first day of class our teacher, Mr. Holmes, asked the class to choose which instrument they’d like to learn for the remainder of the year:  drums or guitar.   I wanted desperately to learn drums…if only to play the opening riff on The Offspring’s “Keep ‘em Separated.” But alas there was only one drum kit for a class of approximately 30 kids.  I’d hardly get any chance to practice.  So I opted for the guitar, by default. Flash-forward to 6 years later where I received a classical guitar scholarship at the University of Arizona. That’s when I knew I was fucked. 

Brian Lopez ll

Photo By: Di Holmes

I honed in on classical guitar throughout college as I was a classical guitar performance major.  I’m not nearly as regimented as I once was on my nylon string…but some remnants of those days remain in the hands — hence my preference for playing a classical guitar during solo gigs, as opposed to the steel-string, like most.  I just feel like the nylon lends itself more equipped for my style of music and delivery..and further separates my performances from those of a standard singer/songwriter who typically will use chunky chords on a steel string. I recently did a singer/songwriter showcase in Los Angeles with 30 handpicked songwriters throughout the world — there was a performance night where all writers had to perform 3 songs from their catalogue.  Out of all of these songwriters/performers I was literally the only one who played a nylon string guitar. Everyone else elected the steel string. A couple went with piano.  Anyhow…this revelation made me giddy.

 Static Noise the title of your upcoming Album, set for release September 2014. Tell us more:

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