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Adam & I – Nashville

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A diamond in the rough, and a bright light shining in a sometimes dark industry. Adam & I  is a nice place to belong, laughter invites you in, their song writing guides you home and their devotion to one another is clearly the glue that holds them together. Adam & I  ’make you come alive ‘ and gently restore your faith in good music.  - Fresh Independence

Name: Adam Melia and Andrea Melia 

Where are you writing this: At home, in Nashville.


Home is where your story begins, please tell us about yours.

 Well, home is in Nashville now. Lived here for two years. The music scene here is so inspiring, and we’re definitely happy to be here! We originally met and started playing together in Phoenix, AZ. We both grew up there. 

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 How did music find you and then Adam & I come to be?

 We were both songwriters and performers in our own right when we started dating, and we just liked the idea of joining forces. We formed what was supposed to be a cover band initially, but we ended up playing mostly original songs the songs that we had begun writing together. The idea of having a “cover” band fizzled out rather quickly, however, that experience made us realize that we really work well together, that we do really enjoy playing music together, and it became the first step in honing what would eventually become Adam & I


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Raw and Sexy like a New York Night.

This is STRNGRS tearing up the scene. Fresh Independence’s Band to watch out for.

Answered by: Garrett Drinon [Guitarist] of STRNGRS.

How did music find you and STRNGRS come to be?

I’m pretty sure the heartbeat in the womb was how that happened. STRNGRS came from a long history of Chase and I figuring out how we can sound together, with Chase playing different instruments along the way, until we came to this drum and guitar scenario and met Carson, which completeled this thing in ways that we never could have planned.

Undeniably, your vocals are powerfully so. Cannot imagine the outlet this may bring to you. In retrospect, how does the songwriting process work for you?

Each song comes in it’s own ways.  Someone may start an idea, but it’s always a collaboration by the time it sounds like us.

Two EP’s under your belt and a Debut LP in the works. What can you tell us about the journey thus far?

We’d be playing music no matter what, but we’re very happy we’ve found each other. Good musicians are easy to find; people who are on the same page are not.

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Noel – Birmingham, AL


Formerly of the White Oaks, now standing strong in his own right Noel releases his LP 

 ‘I Won’t Answer’

Echoes of Nick Drake linger around the edges of this album while Noel delivers a sound that is distinctively his own.  ’I Won’t Answer’ takes you on a musical journey of emotions that at times leave your heart feeling lost, but then you are gently reminded that there are worse things to speak of, and that you are truly blessed to be lost in love.  - Fresh Independence

Name: Noel 

Age: 98

Where are you writing this: In my breakfast nook. 

Home is where your story begins, please tell us about yours.

I grew up in Brimingham Alabama, middle class, Southern Baptist, public school, suburbia.  Religious upbringing. Birmingham felt like a mediocre, industrial ghost-city when i was growing up but now it is experiencing a whole cultural rebirth that is really cool.  Birmingham seems to be finally developing an identity.

a noel 

How did music find you?

By way of my parents’ record player.  And I would improvise on the piano in empty Sunday school rooms while I waited for my parents to get out of choir practice.  By the age of 14, I was the lead singer of my first rock band, “The Royal Nonesuch.” We recorded an album of ten original songs and sold the cassettes at school.  Our parents had to drive us and our gear to the gigs!

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Paris Carney – Los Angeles

a paris

” Paris Carney sparkling, ebullient and breezy. Inviting you into the brilliant colours of her world through song. A bright light in a sometimes dark industry is always a pleasure and never grows old. “

 - Fresh Independence

Name: Paris Carney

Age: 26

Where are you writing this: In a kitchen in New Jersey 

 Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

I grew up in NYC’s Greenwich Village with my two older brothers and my mom and dad. My family is very creative and encouraging so I’ve always felt supported in my dreams and efforts, which is such a gift.


 How would you best describe your musical style?

I like to call it indie electro-pop.


 What was it like growing up in such an artistic family?

It was really inspiring. My childhood was spent going to Blues bars with my mom and older brothers so they could have the chance to jam with some of the greats. I was as young as 8 years old and would drink Shirley Temples and my bedtime lullabies were blues riffs. Our mom was a singer and dad was a commercial jingle writer so I grew up recording things for my dad and singing harmonies, which I love so deeply.

 a paris and reeve

 What is the song writing process like for you?

I’m usually inspired lyrically by a specific situation – I will write down my emotions and then come back to them. Depending on how I’m feeling I might write the whole thing in a sitting or might give an idea to my producer and we will collaborate a bit more.

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