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” Jim Morrison returns but with all the character he was lacking in his haze. Far beyond his 20 years Jesse Kinch a real ‘thinker’ shows his generation the best of the old and the new. Watch him go… ”  – Fresh Independence

 Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

I consider myself really fortunate…I grew up in a very loving, musical, and free spirited household. I never felt any pressure to be something I wasn’t. It was always what I wanted to be that mattered and I’m always grateful for that. My parents were always very supportive of my musical dreams. I have to say that my fondest memories in my home are the ones that involve music. There was always music playing every single day…everything from 60’s to 90’s rock…and other than rock, there were many other kinds of music being played like soft ballads from Sarah Brightman or Andrea Bocelli. When I was a child, I always remember waking up to music and closing my eyes to music…I was introduced to one great song after another. I also recall watching a lot of concerts on T.V. with my family. A few I can think of off the top of my head are Stevie Nicks live at red rocks, Yanni, Jimi at Monterey, Fleetwood Mac’s “The Dance”, and Rage against the Machine live in Mexico City. Those were my favorites! Growing up in my home was the reason I was exposed to so many different artists at such a young age. When I think about it, the word “home” is very special to me. I don’t feel that it has just one superficial meaning. It is where I heard my first song, played my first note, sang my first song, wrote my first song, and most importantly, it was a place I always felt most secure and creative.

How do you best describe your musical style?

I feel that many things coincide with each other to make up my musical style. Every song I’ve ever loved, every lyric and voice that has touched my soul, every experience that sits in my memory… I think that all subconsciously comes out of me when I perform and write. It all makes up who I am. When I perform, I put absolutely all my energy into my vocal and playing. I always found myself attracted to the singers who would belt out a song with every ounce of passion they have in their soul. Every song I sing on stage seems to stir up certain emotions and feelings that I never express or show in person…so I let it all out right there in that moment…and naturally just lose myself in the music. Even when I record, I make sure I put that same passion and energy into the song just as I do on stage. When it comes to my songs…I feel my style is something melodic, driving, and kind of dark…I think in general that’s the type of music I’ve always listened to. Dynamically, I think a lot of my songs start off softer, then gradually build into something heavier…I can also completely transition from singing something driving and intense to singing a soft ballad. I absolutely love ballads…Since I was little I could listen to something so soft and beautiful and then put on a rock song. I think it is so important to have a ballad or two in the mix of an album or a show…It adds to the dynamics and… really….I would feel one dimensional without listening or singing ballads.

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 Tell us a little about how the song writing process works for you.

I’ll sit in my sanctuary…my music room…alone…free…just me and my guitar…strum a few open chords and I’ll hum a melody. If that melody catches my ear, it’s a song. Usually after that, I start to sing syllables, then syllables turn into words, which turns into a lyric that makes sense and means something to me. For some reason music and melody always come first, but I always feel that if you come up with something really melodic, you need a strong lyric to compliment the music and melody. It’s the icing on the cake, you know? Sure…the boxer by Simon and Garfunkel has a nice melody and guitar pick, but what would it be without “I am just a poor boy though my story’s seldom told…I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises”. Also like I said before…I feel that everything I listen to subconsciously comes out of me when I write. Usually the night before I come up with something, I listen to a lot of my favorite records. As a writer, listening to music and lyrics is some of the best inspiration I can have.

What are your favorite lyrics and tell us what they mean to you.

 It’s so incredibly hard to answer that question. It’s like asking what my favorite song is. There are too many to just choose one. My absolute favorite lyrics are the ones that get inside you to the point where you can’t resist the urge to memorize every single word, the ones that conjure up so many emotions inside you that when you sing them, you absolutely mean every single word, lyrics that are so universal, that people still recite them 40 years later. Some of my favorite lyrics came from artists like John Lennon, Donovan, Paul Simon, Jim Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Kurt Cobain, and Eddie Vedder. Their songs resonate well into this generation even though they first emerged decades ago. Their music and lyrics have really touched my soul, and whenever I listen to one of their songs, it stirs up something deep inside of me. When it comes to modern lyricists I absolutely love Ben Semmens and Ryan Star. They are two very profound artists. Their lyrics are very personal, and full of their own experiences which is something I love in a song! I just can’t bring myself to choose only one lyric…I feel that would be insulting to others that are just as influential.

Do you feel that you are an old soul of rock & roll?

I feel that I am a new soul of rock n roll who greatly respects, admires and is influenced by the artists who came before me…I don’t feel that I was born in the wrong era or anything like that. I mean, there might have been times when I thought, man, wouldn’t it have been cool to live back in the 60’s…but I really can’t think like that if I plan on being a part of the future of music. If I think about it, maybe it is wrong to even use the term new soul. I don’t believe that music has an age. Melodies and music are eternal. People have been using minor and major chords since songs and little hymns were being written, and artists have been writing about relationships, life and political issues for the longest time also. The only thing that really changes is our culture, an evolving English language, and technology. That’s it. In every song written today lies a trace of music from the past. So really, I’m neither an old soul, nor a new soul…just an eternal soul of rock n roll that is channeling what came before me into a new generation and modern culture.

6. What does music bring to your life?

For me, music brings me purpose, peace, freedom, a reason to strive, motivation to succeed, a dream to chase, happiness when I awake in the morning, an outlet to let out and channel my emotions, a joy of creating, and at times even sadness if something doesn’t work out along the road. Really…it brings everything life has to offer…therefore…music is life.

7. Shout out to your favorite band or artist at the moment?

  Shout out to Ben Semmens and Ryan Star! They are truly profound and introspective artists of this day and age .They have influenced me musically, melodically, and lyrically. Wish both the best of luck on your new albums!

8. What do you like to do on a lazy Sunday?

Hmmm…A lazy Sunday…They really aren’t that different from other days of the week. I’ll probably be writing, listening to music, or playing and singing….but if it’s gorgeous outside, I’ll go for a drive…head to a record store and check out the new releases…then maybe head to a cool restaurant….hang with a friend…Think about what the next week could bring or what it won’t bring…

9. If you could do a duet or collaborate with anyone in the industry, whom would it be?

 A duet with anybody in the industry? Well it’s kind of sad that a lot of my influences are long gone…but if I were to collaborate with anybody would be Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, or Jack white…those are a few male influences I can think of that are actually alive! I think we all have a similar styles when we perform…They have a passion and intensity on stage that I’ve always been attracted to. When it comes to female singers, I’d love to collaborate with Stevie Nicks or Duffy. They are two of my favorite female singers. Stevie is a great writer and really passionate singer…and just like Stevie, Duffy has this unique voice that you can’t mistake for anyone else. She sings one of my favorite ballads of the 2000’s called “Distant Dreamer” that blew me away when I first heard it. If there is one more female singer I’d love to have a duet with it would be Sarah Brightman, who has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve ever heard. I also would love to sing a powerhouse ballad with Christina Aguilera…she has an amazing and soulful voice. Her interpretive skills are the best in the business!

The greatest book ever written is…

I’m always reading Rock n Roll biographies, or magazines…but when it comes to a story from the imagination, some that I’ve read and loved are…Brave New World, Catcher in the Rye, The Little Prince, Thorn Birds, Lord of the Flies…There’s probably something great I’m leaving out…but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head….

 My all time favorite movie is…

 When it comes to movies I’m always attracted to the ones that depict a time period in history, a rock n roll biopic, some crazy syfy, or at least something that’s meaningful. A few of my favorites are…The Last Samurai, Nowhere boy, The Matrix, August Rush, The Patriot, The Edge, Derailed, Heat, Meet Joe Black, Moulin Rouge, Apocalypse Now!, The Gladiator…Those are just a few…I know there’s more!

 Jesse Kinch is hosting a dinner party!

       Which album is playing?

Me hosting a dinner party…hmm…I would probably have “The Beatles 65” album playing, The Doors first album or maybe a Sarah Brightman album.

       What is on the menu?

On the menu…I’m extremely picky…it would be something like chicken and pasta.

       Name 4 people past or present on the guest list who would make it a memorable evening.

Four people past or present? Invitations would be sent out to John Lennon, Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, and Marilyn Monroe. I always wondered what it would be like to have an in depth conversation with them and understand them as people, not figures.

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 Something your fans would be surprised to learn about you.

I’m an advocate of animal’s rights, I’m against bullying and an advocate of world peace.

The world could use more..

The world could use a reality check! Join together and live in peace, or face destruction…the decision rests with us!

 Your dream marquee would read…

 Jesse Kinch Live at The Grammy’s!

 Who is your guitar hero?

Unfair question! There have been so many incredible guitar players who have come and gone over the past decades. My favorite guitar players are the ones who I feel become one with their guitar on stage and use it not to show off, but to channel their soul and emotions through melodic guitar playing. That is what makes a timeless guitar solo.  As a player myself, I look to those players who have influenced me as inspiration, and of course every musical inspiration comes out of me when I perform. To name a few, they are Johnny Lang, Lindsay Buckingham, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Vernon Reid, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Angus Young.

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Name 3 people whom have had the greatest impact on your life.

 My parents by far…They introduced me to most of the music I love and gave me a chance to seize every opportunity involving music. As soon as I showed interest in music, they didn’t even hesitate to buy me an instrument or get me into even more artists that I’ve never heard of. They have always given me full support, stood behind me through the good and the bad, and always encouraged me to never give up. I’m forever grateful. The third…is still to come.

 Where are you writing this?

At my home, with my laptop…my window wide open, listening to the sounds of nature.

True love is…

Something rare that few ever find.

 Where are you headed and what can we look forward to with Jesse Kinch over the coming year?

I’m always surprised when I look back at certain things that have happened to me so far in my career. The best things that have happened always took me by surprise and emerged suddenly into my life and the worst things, I always seemed to foresee….So really, I don’t know what fate has in store for me this year…but if I have any plans, I really want to record new songs and maybe make better quality recordings of some older songs of mine…I’m hoping to get in the studio and make a couple of polished recordings. Also you can expect to see more live performances…I’ll most likely be playing in New York City. I think it was Lennon who said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”.

* Since this article went to publication Jesse has become a contestant on Rising Star ABC and is a front funner casting a spell on America.


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