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We cannot get this song off repeat. Blues has found a home in our hearts these days. It fills a space missing in music of today. King Eider hits the nail on the head delivering a stellar mix of folk and blues. On their way to Glastonbury this weekend, we caught them for a piece of insight.

Folk has the storytelling feel of songs for the people while blues reaches deeper into the emotional psyche.

From Busking to Glasto. what is the most valuable lesson you have learned along the way?

Our advice to any up-and-coming acts is just get out there, don’t turn down gigs that you might not think can help you because you never know who will show up to them! We think that is the most valuable lesson. We busked near Green park, only to be thrown out for lack of a license, and subsequently ended up on BBC Radio London which has led us to countless opportunities. Whether that is busking before a gig to warm up or playing a gig at a venue you know will give you a drum kit with bailing twine holding it together, you just never know what can happen. It always amazes us that some bands get an ego before they have anything to be arrogant about.

What do you hope fans take from your music?

We hope that fans of our music will see that we want to write songs that take you on both a lyrical journey and a musical one. We want to trigger emotional responses as well as an impression that we have made an effort to be different and have our own musical style that you will know when you hear it; for it’s uniqueness, not it’s comparability to other bands. There are too many bands trying to replicate bands on the scene already and it seems a waste to emulate something already out there. Above though, we want them to enjoy it and get that hook stuck in their head for the rest of the day (in a good way!).

Folk meets blues is a rare combo. How did this style find you?

I suppose a combination of 5 people from different backgrounds with different tastes always ensures diversity but this in particular is Reuben Tighe, our lead singer’s particular brew. Folk has the storytelling feel of songs for the people while blues reaches deeper into the emotional psyche. A sympathy to folk has helped us to develop the four-part harmonies we are now becoming known for, while the blues ensures focus is still on the musical side of portraying our message in a heartfelt way. Both styles also interlink when it comes to an ingrained desire to contrast the commercial styles of the times. This is something we want to draw on. We also feel the folk scene has become saturated in mainstream music and we wanted to try to create a more toxic concoction that pulls from a number of styles. 

What’s on the summer horizon for King Eider?

King Eider are now half way through a string of festival dates. We have just arrived back to Edinburgh from two slots at Eden Festival in the Scottish Borders; one in Rabies Tavern to a raucous crowd and then Main Stage the following day to an incredibly welcoming crowd. We then played at the Isle of Wight festival on the Hard Rock Stage; what a pleasure to play such a prestigious festival, and be in the same place as The Who and Queen for a weekend! Now we have Glastonbury on 25th June on the Avalon Stage at 11.30amwhich is something we have been super excited about! Hardly need to explain the importance of Glastonbury to music. Finally, we come back to Scotland to play the main stage at Kelburn Garden Party, a festival dear to our hearts and one that has given us a chance from the get-go. Once these dates are over, we will be going back into the studio to work with a fantastic producer based in Scotland to work on our upcoming second album, to be released late in the year or early 2017. We are super excited to start working with a producer and objective ear who will help us further our recorded offering and undoubtedly feed back into our live performances. Who knows where it will take us!

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