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Though it was a sunny Thursday when we stumbled across Kuki and The Bard, we were feeling grey of mind. Kuki and The Bard’s latest single, ‘Dalai Lama’ caught the vibe of our soul and reminisced in the mind. On steady repeat their music is like fine wine, at twelve and fifteen, it will only get better with age.  


Home is where your story begins would you tell us a bit about yours?

Kuki: I live in a hippy house made of sticks and blankets with my mum, my dad, my brother, our rabbit and three horses.

Izzi: It’s very chilled, at the moment we’re living Off Grid. It seems we’re at a place now that we all enjoy very much and we might even settle here for a while. I’ve made so many sound friends here who have a lot of the same interests, a fair few interested in music, like me. Homes cool. 


How did music find you?

Izzi: When we first moved from London and started travelling we didn’t have much technology based entertainment but did have loads of instruments crammed onto our bus. I loved the guitar from the off, still do. It’s in the blood I guess. When a tune comes on I like it’s as if the whole world disappears and it’s just the music…’s always been like that.

Kuki:We’ve always been a very musical family, my dad when he was very young was in a rock band, he’s always been a very good guitarist…Izzi started picking up the guitar and became a musical genius. I’ve always been a keen singer, I recorded singing in the rain when I was two and when Izzi played guitar I always started singing along.

We’ve also been a lot in ashrams where monks have been chanting morning ’til night….everyday we’d go and sing with them, sometimes thousands in a temple….like a heavy metal concert but more people wearing orange.

Who have been your musical inspirations thus far?

Kuki: Suzi Quattro, The strokes….. Oh my god I love them, Amy Winehouse, Doris Day and The Killers, old movies and festivals.

Rage against the Machine, Led Zeppelin, Andy McKee, AC.DC, Black Sabbath…and right now psytrance, bassline, jungle,drum and bass. I’m still growing up so I guess that all counts. Always loved a bit of folk too, Richard Thompson what a genius, even now there’s some brill new stuff that I love, you have to listen to Jon Gomm…

table sculpture

Kuki and the Bard: What is the origin of your name?

Kuki: My name is Kuki and my brothers name is Isambard although we all call him Izzi….

Izzi: It’s just our names. 

Dalai Lama is your debut single release, would you share the back story?

Izzi: When I was really, really young I felt like I could remember a past life in China, we’ve lived and travelled with loads of people who believe in reincarnation. There’s no way I do believe that I might be a Dalai Lama it was just a really interesting thought at the time. Also  I don’t think that being the Dalai Lama is anything like our song either, it was really fun to write though and came super easy, always a good sign.

Kuki: Izzi came up with a tune and started singing ” I think I might be a Dalai Lama”…..we’d just watched seven years in Tibet and we we’re thinking how weird it would be to be a Dalai Lama. 

Dalai Lama Available Now

10% of net profits to Tibet Relief Fund

Glastonbury music festival is on the horizon, what is going through your mind?

Izzi: Just trying to get our set really good for the festival but not really stressing too much. 

Kuki:We have sooooo many friends at Glastonbury, so I’m supper exited about seeing them again. I’m also very excited about seeing all the amazing bands!! Usually we go to small hippy festivals where me and my friends can all run free, but I think Glastonbury will be different. More like a city.

Would you share with your fans a bit more about your self sustaining lifestyle; we could all use less technology these days and you are living by example:

Izzi: I prefer it, it’s less noisy than town,  I do love technology, just not all the time. I don’t really have to kid myself that the world I’m living in is alright, cos it is. 

Kuki:Wow that’s really difficult, it all seems normal to me. We have plenty of technology but it’s all powered by the sun and the wind. We record most of of our music and make all our videos at home, it’s part of how we live. In winter if there’s no sunshine we light some candles.  


When you are not making music what are you up to?

Izzi: Right now I’m cooking risotto for my family and friends. I love going to parties where there’s a great sound system, I’m working on my little space, really enjoy riding my motorbike around the green lanes, also love chilling by the river in the sunshine with my friends, listening to music. Life is pretty full really.

 Kuki: Every morning pretty much I go and feed the horses, then do some work on the land. I sit in my room and read, do drawing, go for bike rides, see my friends, do kind of what I want to do. We eat really good food, my brother is an amazing cook and loads of the food is grown here so it’s double yummy. 

Where is your favourite place you have lived/travelled, what do you take from the experience, and where do you look forward to seeing one day?

Izzi: For sheer amazingness it has to be India, riding up the Himalayas on a four seater motorbike and camping in the snow. Sri Lanka for the surfing, we went to Arugam bay and stayed there for 3 months surfing every day…..awesome. Everywhere really, I just love the adventure. Having seen so many places I feel that I have been gifted so much information that will help me live in the way that I want to live. 

Kuki: England is my favourite country, but I love India as well. It’s impossible to say really, we spent one winter in the Hebrides and went swimming in the freezing sea with the seals, I’ll never forget that, one other winter we we’re in Sri Lanka surfing in the warm seas….my mum nearly got bitten by a deadly poisonous snake….I’ll never forget that either. We’re not a rich family so my parents work in communities or come up with some mad idea almost everywhere we go……  I’d love to go work on a ranch in America with horses one day and learn rope skills from the cowboys. 

What can fans look forward to in the near future from Kuki and the Bard?

Izzi: Really not sure, everything is always changing, that’s the way it should be. 

Kuki: We really want to improve our off grid studio so we can make more music in winter when the sun isn’t shining. 

blanket sun

 What is your favourite quote?

Izzi: Don’t worry about a thing.

Kuki: May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace.

What is a piece of advice you will always carry with you?

Izzi: Be kind.

Kuki: Be spontaneous. 

What is your favourite food?

Izzi: I love food, cooking it, buying it, growing it, but most of all eating it. Don’t call me weird but I can’t eat cheese, just don’t like it. Apart from cheese… bring it on. 

Kuki: Hot chocolate from burgos in Spain…it’s so thick you can stand your biscuit up in it… 

What does true love mean to you?

Izzi: Only 15 so still totally confused in that romantic area.

Kuki:Hot chocolate from burgos in Spain plus a big kiss from my horses and a cuddle from my rabbit.

Kuki And The Bard Dalai Lama

How old are each of you?

Kuki:I’m 12 and my bro is 15

What instruments do you play?

Izzi: Guitar, bass, drums, percussion and singing.  I’m just now really getting into DJing/mixing.

Kuki:I sing, play guitar (but not like Izzi) a bit of harmonica, and percussion.

Is there a material possession that you don’t have in your lifestyle that we take for granted?

Izzi: Wifi in the house, we do have it in the communal but the connection is so slow you might as well hitch and give the message face to face. 

Kuki:Probably a T.V.

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