Peter Aristone- Prague, Czech Republic

Peter Aristone spins his cocoon in the upcoming EP Gold. His music is not to be missed and sheds a light in this sometimes dark world.

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

Yes. I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. I bought my first acoustic guitar when I was 14 years old. I started to learn to play and was writing my first songs in English.

In high school I already knew that I wanted to be a musician. My biggest dream was to spread my music all over the world. In 1999 I moved to Prague to study at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek. I’ve went through many different bands and styles. I met many contacts and musical friends so when I finished music school I stayed in Prague and continued to work hard on my career. In 2012 I decided to go solo with the name Peter Aristone. 

How did music find you?

I loved music since since I was only 2 years old. My dad was playing me Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Eric Clapton. So he gave me a great year training; I always turned to music when I felt sad or was going through some difficult periods in my life. It was and still is a therapy somehow for me. I simply can’t imagine to spend one single day without music.

Where was Gold recorded and would you enlighten us to the inspiration behind it? 

The EP Gold is actually a follow-up to what I was writing when I was 15 years old. It was recorded at Kensaltown studios and Eastcote studios in London. It was all very inspiring, because I was surrounded by extremely talented and nice people. Sacha Skarbek (my producer) brought a fresh air to my writing. I was so excited I could reinvent my musical roots from my teenage years. So it went really quick and it all seemed quite easy. The inspiration for songs came from the life itself. The life we live, the love we share, the ups and downs. It sounds fairly simple but that’s what it is. With my new EP Gold it’s the same. 

GOLD Available Now

How did you meet Sacha Skarbek and what did he teach you?

I met him in a small club at Kensal town in London. I think it was even a coffee bar or something. I was performing with my acoustic guitar without a microphone. Sacha has a studio around that area and he just came there for a beer as he probably had a break from recording. He really liked my performance and after the gig we got together and talked about music. We spent a lot of time together and grew closer. He was very interested in what I was doing in London so I invited him to my next show which was with a full band.

I think he made me feel more confident and comfortable as an artist and the best thing he taught me is to say NO to a lot of things.

Peter 2

Would you share the story behind one of the tracks off the album?

One of my most favorite tracks from the EP is “Someone Else’s Rule,” which is about letting go of everything in life, which then sets you free. Once I had a really tough day and I was sitting on the terrace at night and couldn’t fall asleep. I was wondering about how everybody has different opinions and telling me what I should do with my life or how my career should be and so on. So many rules. I had all of them in my head. I thought to myself “should I live by someone else’s rules?” “Should we all live by someone else’s rules?” We all feel a lot of stress from that. Which is all stupid. Everybody needs to let go sometimes. Everybody needs to live their lives how they wish to live their lives. And I know so many people who struggle with this. I felt that it could be an important message for people and I wrote a song about it which ended up with “Someone else’s rule”

Tell us more about the Album Artwork…

Do you really want to know what it means? Ok. I’m joking!

Anyway, I would say that the inspiration for “Gold” comes from the struggles we all face in life. I really believe love and passion can save us and make the world a better place. Deep down we all are gold and we just need to find it in ourselves! To find it, we also need to see the other side which is portrayed on the cover.

Peter Aristone Gold SINGLE artwork

Currently residing in Prague, what makes you call this city home?

Aw. It’s because I’ve lived there for 15 years already and that is a long time enough to call it another home. Off course my hometown is Bratislava in Slovakia where I was born and grew up but Prague is more my musical home. My professional career started there and at least 80 percent of my musical mates and colleges are based in Prague.

Catch Peter Aristone on his U.S tour in March

At the moment, what Band/Artist can you not get enough of?

It’s Matt Corby. He is an amazing Australian with amazing voice and songs. You should definitely check him out. His music is very addictive!

Peter 1

When you are not making music, what are you up to?

I love travelling, visiting interesting places. Hanging around with my friends in Prague where I live right now. Reading books helps with relaxation.. I’m reading “Wild” from Cheryl Strayed right now. It’s a great book! I’m into sports as well like snowboarding in winter or windsurfing in summer. I also take pilates sessions to keep myself healthy and fit!
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