Sicario – Welcome to Juarez

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Nothing will make sense to your American ears…  but in the end you will understand. – Alejandro Gillick

Directed by Denis Vileneuve, Sicario is a thrilling cinematic experience that leaves you feeling grateful to go home to your abode of safe, peaceful slumber. Co stars Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and the riveting Benicio Del Toro deliver strong performances in this Oscar contender. Much adoration for the musical composition by Johann Johannsson who set an ambience forever memorable in soundtrack history.

Sicario opens with a nightmarish look at the battle between U.S. law enforcement and the Mexican drug cartels along the Arizona border. While tracking leads in a kidnapping case, FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) and her team make the horrific discovery of a mundane Arizona home that has been serving as a cartel graveyard. The trauma of that event stokes agent Macer’s burning need for justice, making it easy for a gleeful and mysterious middleman named Matt (Josh Brolin) to recruit her onto his covert anti-cartel task force.

Long before Kate even knows what’s what, she finds herself sitting beside an even more mysterious veteran named Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) and hustled onto a plane bound for the bowels of Juarez, Mexico, to hold her own with some of the cartel’s scariest men. As soon as the plane touches down in Juarez, Kate watches as the rules of law, order and justice so common to us all, melt away before her very eyes. Men like Matt and Alejandro know how dirty the hands must get in order to stop the cartel, but Kate can not truly accept or believe this world really exists, never mind being thrown into the middle of it.

In time Kate sees things she should never have seen becoming  a victim of circumstance and situation she has no power over. It leaves us all wondering where it all might end here, there and everywhere. Sicario opts to raise awareness about the very real war being fought along the US southern borderlands, and forces the frightening consideration of all casualties  left in its wake. At a glance one tangible plot about a Juarez family, seems vague at first, but by the end of the movie, they bring it back around to the main plot line to create a final scene that has nothing to do with our main characters, but speaks volumes about what the themes of their journey and conflicts mean to a real world situation.

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Surinam – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Come along with us to Chacabuco Buenos Aires, Argentina and step inside the world of singer, songwriter and producer, Cesar Alejandro ‘Checho’ Fontana better known as Surinam. Discover more about the man behind the music and the difference he sees between Spanish and American music cultures. Driven by passion and a heart for people, Surinam is Chacabuco’s hidden treasure and he brings joy and purpose to those around him sharing his love for life through music.

Acérquese con nosotros a Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, Argentina y adéntrese en el mundo del cantante, compositor y productor, Cesar Alejandro ‘Checho’ Fontana mejor conocido como Surinam. Descubra más acerca del hombre detrás de la música y la diferencia que ve entre las culturas musicales hispana y americana. Guiado por la pasión y el corazón por la gente, Surinam es el tesoro escondido de Chacabuco, quien trae felicidad y razón de ser a aquellos que lo rodean, compartiendo su amor por la vida através de la musica.


1. Name, Age and where you live.

My name is Cesar Alejandro “Checho” Fontana and I’m 36 years old. I am from Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had lots of names but Surinam is the only one that my Grandmother remembered.

1. Nombre, edad, lugar de residencia.

Cesar Alejandro”Checho”Fontana, 36 años, Chacabuco-Buenos Aires-Argentina. El nombre Surinam aparecio porque tenia un monton de nombres pero Surinam fue el único que mi abuela recordo.



2. Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little bit about yours.

Yes, I was born in this city, situated  200 kms away from Buenos Aires our capital city, where I studied and I currently have my music studio at home.

2. Su hogar es donde empieza su historia, díganos algo sobre el suyo.

Si, nací en esta ciudad, ubicada a 200 km de buenos Aires, la capital del país, y aquí estudie y actualmente tengo mi estudio

3. How would you best describe your musical style?

Although it has been influenced by several musical genders, its style is mainly Pop/Rock. Its songs  are characterized by the constant presence of guitar sounds.

3. ¿Como mejor describiría su estilo musical?

El estilo musical de Surinam, si bien tiene muchas influencias de varios géneros, es fundamentalmente Pop/Rock. Esta basado en canciones sostenidas por un sonido siempre presente de guitarras.

a surinamm

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