Eva Cassidy – Up Above

If you are one to believe that gifts come from above then you might think of the late Eva Cassidy. Whenever I hear her, she makes my heart stop in reflection of all that is meant to be.
She was painfully shy, not at all glamorous and much to the frustration of record company executives, impossible to pigeon hole. Pop tunes, blues, jazz, gospel – she sang whatever moved her. In an era of brightly packaged stars, think Britney Spears – Eva Cassidy was the polar opposite. Indeed she never knew fame, that is coming only now years after she died in the prime of her life, and her version of ‘Over the Rainbow’ see if it doesn’t give you goose bumps.
Nightline corespondent and jazz and blues enthusiast Dave Marash said that putting together the Eva Cassidy story was definitely a ‘labour of love.’

A beautiful story.

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Birdy Exclusive

I never thought it possible to be swept up in too much beauty in Music.

Fresh Independence had one minute with Birdy. Behind The Scenes: We talk Fashion, Ryan Tedder of Counting Stars, & advice for young women.

A lady with sensational vibe. This is Birdy.

Song: Words as Weapons

‘Fire Within’ available now

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