The Wistfulness of MAY – New York

‘If I can say anything it is to be authentic and stay true to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times people have tried to tell me to try something different.’


Every once in a long while an artist appears on the scene with a voice and essence rare to come by present day.
Classy, thoughtful and filled with smouldering passion is MAY – Australian native, currently crushing the music scene in New York City.
The best is definitely yet to come for this timeless beauty.




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Matt Corby – Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver B.C>

“We let his voice swallow us into a new dimension.”

A rare mix of John Legend and Paolo Nutini rested easy in the arms of
our favorite sold out venue, The Commodore.

Intrinsic and ambient.
Matt Corby is a taste of the past, refreshing thirsty hearts of today.

Corby’s passion delivers a performance that purifies the soul.
Standing in a comfortable presence of his own [not just because he was
in his socks] thoughts slowly crept, ‘what is it that makes Matt’s
style run deep, stand apart, and where does this come from?’

I realize, roots run deep, Australia is true to their homeland and use
of instrumental tonality was the key that set this music apart from
the rest.

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A man of few words, his set spoke for itself as the music simply  flowed from
song to song.

Set List:

Knife Edge
Do You No Harm
Wrong Man
Sooth Lady
Oh Oh Oh

Why Dream

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The High Learys- Perth, Australia


Psychedelic philosophized rock. Welcome to 2016, but not to worry, the 60’s were not left behind.

The High Learys are one to keep on your radar and their latest single, ‘Cabinet’ is already added to our summer playlist.

Where did your name derive from?

I guess the name started off as a little play on words, it’s us tipping our hats to the eccentric philosopher and writer of the 60’s Timothy Leary, who was an advocate in the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs. But I guess it’s just a silly name really, you wouldn’t believe how many people ask if we are an Irish folk band.

How did The High Learys meet?

Myself (Jamie) and Guitarist Matt are cousins who where born 12 days apart, so we’ve always been really close. Our Keys player Mike met us in high school and we played in a few bands with each other over the years. Our drummer Mitch I met when I filled in on bass for one of his older bands.

What does each member bring to the band?

We all have a huge input into the song arrangements and structure during the road testing stages of a new song. Myself and Mike usually write most of the lyrics and come up with the musical bones to the song between us. Matt and Mitch are always full of fantastic ideas with where to take the song from there. Mike is also now stepping into the producer’s chair for the band which has been great.

Latest single, ’Cabinet’– What is the story behind it? And where was this track recorded?

Cabinet tells the story of an emotionally vulnerable adolescent who seeks comfort in their partner. After re-analyzing the song a few times I can now see how a lot of the feeling behind the track relates quite heavily to myself and the rest of the band. After having some drastic changes to the band in early 2015 and trying to pursue new sounds, taking a completely different direction musically. It’s funny how a song can do that. We recorded the track over the summer of late 2015, Mike took on role of producer / engineer for the first time and we got to recording in lounge rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and a few studios. We really enjoyed the process of recording ourselves. Although sometimes it proved tedious and time consuming it was a great experience and aloud us to take our time with decisions and have much more creative control.

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Grant Gerathy- Drums John Butler Trio – Byron Bay, Australia

While filming on location at The Calgary Folk Music Festival this past July, I noticed a familiar face in the hotel hallway. Beach waves, flip flops, and a laid back smile. What a pleasant surprise!

Where are you writing this?

On an old lounge in the sun

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

Byron is one of the friendliest places I know. It’s such a great place to be.

How did music find you?

I was surrounded by it from an early age, it was only a matter of time. Everyone in my family play some instrument.

What was it about the drums?

My uncle was an amazing drummer. I think I knew how to play a beat before even sitting on a kit. I actually had a kit for 6 years before sitting down and really playing it, then didn’t put the sticks down.

As a drummer where does your inspiration/ new beats come from?

So many influences, but you can’t go past older stuff like Al Jackson Jnr’s playing on all the Stax recordings. You will hear just about every beat that your hear on the radio these days in that old stuff. John Frusciante does some great drum programming, and of course the legendary programming of JDilla

_MG_1440 (2)

Photography by Allison Seto

How were you discovered to be involved in the John Butler Trio? 

I have known Byron for years and had met John several times. John asked if I would like to have a play with them, and something worked I guess.

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