Katey Brooks – Will She

“I don’t often like to give too much of  the meaning inspired behind a song, so as to allow the listener their own journey with it . ‘Will She’ comes from an intense breakup – that feeling when someone you love so deeply has to leave your life, and coming to realize that another human can not fix that – instead you have to find that inside yourself.”

– Katey Brooks

Truly delightful speaking with Bristol born Katey Brooks this morning, whilst she was sitting on a bus near Manchester.

How lovely she is, and most equally her new single ‘Will She’ which is warming us up for her album coming in the new year.

I will forever say the best part of what I do is meeting good people.
I know you will enjoy Katey Brooks  as she finds her way not only onto your playlist – but into your heart.

Stay tuned for more of this sultry soul as we flip over the calendar to a New Year.

Fresh Independence

Documentary – Music – Life

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Ruth Royall – Beauty in Bristol

I’ve always been passionate about song writing,  for me it’s a way of communicating. It’s my expression and how I interpret the world around me. – Ruth Royall

Singer – songwriter – performer and British beauty – Ruth Royall is headed California way, to work on her debut EP ‘Rapture’ .

Passionate about songwriting Ruth is bursting to share her new project with music lovers around the world.
Her effortless charm keeps hearts beating forever young – true testament to her silky smooth voice that washes you pure.
It was loads of cheeky fun to catch her live at Bristol Sessions and witness first hand the colour, spunk and personality she shares with her audience.

Great to catch up with her last week and learn about how music found this talented soul.

Here is your chance to support Ruth and get involved with the making of her debut offering ‘Rapture’ in Los Angeles, California.



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The Joker – Available Now

We love when new music finds it’s way to us.

Infused with nostalgic whispers of Chet Baker and Michael Buble – The Joker is collecting hearts one beat at a time. This debut collaboration born from the talents of kindred spirits Lawrence Grey and Mick Evans – a natural fit in perfect time. Their EP The Joker is a glimpse of the bright musical moments to come from this songwriting duo.


I had the opportunity to speak with each of them as they prepared for the release of The Joker. Memorable days that will be forever imprinted as the beginning of their story in music.



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OverLoad – London

We caught up with a new British Boy Band on the scene. Meet Joey, Ollie, RyRy and Jordi better known as Overload. They are winning fans all across the United Kingdom leaving no hearts immune to their infectious pop energy. Girls tell us which is your favourite.

1. Home is where your story begins, tell us a bit about yours?

RyRy: Mine is a town called Basildon in Essex, theres always Developments we just had an Olympic Training village built so loads of new people are coming here, its quite a cool place.

Jordi: I come from Canvey Island Essex, It’s small but we got cool stuff like skate parks.

Ollie:  Fresh out the Barn where they make the finest cider in England in a small little town called Bristol.

Joey:  I live in South Wales in a Town called Port Talbort its a small working class town with factories and coal mines. Not alot goes on and theres more sheep than people. It’s so Different to the concrete jungle of London.

2. How did Overload and the name come to be?

 RyRy: Our Manager Blair was looking to put a Band together, so he started searching the web, and then found us on Various sites like YouTube and Twitter.

Joey: When we were all put together we all got on so well.

Jordi: Blair contacted me I was acting and singing at the time so it worked well.

Ollie:  As far as the name goes our fans chose it. We set up a twitter account with the user name @YourBoyBand and built up fans by posting accapellas of us singing on YouTube and then as we built fans we asked them to choose our name for us becoming known as the peoples boyband. We thought it was a good idea to let the fans choose as they are the reason we even exist. So now we are known as ‘Overload’ and our fans call themselves GlobeAloaders.

3. Introduce yourselves and something we would be surprised to learn about each of you:

Ollie: I’m Ollie and I was a boxer and got into the National Championships and came 4th.

Jordi: I’m Jordi and I used to race Motor Cross at quite a high level.

RyRy: I’m Ryry and I Used to play football at a semi pro level.

Joey: I’m Joey and I used to help young people learn and get involved into music. I used to record demos and teach them about the industry.

4. To the unfamiliar: How would you describe your Musical Style?

Jodi: It’s like Cheeky pop.

Ollie: I would describe it as pop with an element of fun.

RyRy: Yes I agree pop with Guitars and happy vibe.

Joey: Making music that teenagers can relate too.

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