Brooklyn – Makes You Feel Good

Love getting caught up in the cinema and this weekend I took in Brooklyn – twice.

Ellis Lacey departs from her home in Ireland to find a new way in the city of Brooklyn, New York. This screen play written by Nick Hornby captures the sweet innocence of this historical period in time, with Director John Crowley and Cinematographer Yves Bélanger creating an ambience that makes the heart grow nostalgic for moments that may be long forgotten in this new day and age.

Brooklyn presents us with Ellis (Saoirse Ronan) experiencing a dire bout of homesickness, which in this case makes her ache for a place she was aching to leave. After riding the waves of change ‘Irish Ellis’ meets  ‘Italian Tony’ (Emory Cohen) who wins her heart and trust with his loyalty. She finds the feeling of home within him.

This film takes you through the makings of love – the feelings of loss – the rawness of temptation – and the victory of triumph.

Truly touching, this is composed and powerful filmmaking that makes the complications of life seem poetic, beautiful, and integral. Overall Brooklyn just makes you feel happy and believe in the power of love.


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Andy Palmer – Denver, Colorado

a andy palmerrr

Three years as a public defender in Brooklyn NY have provided Andy Palmer with perception, awareness & food for thought as he writes music with heart and delivers it to your soul. At a glance he is raw and gritty to the touch but spend some time and he will ‘take it all down’ and soften all your rough edges.  

Fans to be sure  –  Fresh Independence

Andy Palmer

Age: 41

Where are you writing this: my home

Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

 Denver, CO.  I love the Rockies.  Quitting NYC, where I lived before I moved to Denver, was tough.  Love that city!  But the move turned out to be great for me personally and professionally.  I love my house and garden.  My family and I spend a lot of time in the dirt. 

a andy palmer

Describe your musical style.

 I play an ‘alternative, gritty folk rock’.  My songwriting begins on an acoustic guitar and my style emerged from lots of playing around campfires for friends.  With the full band, though, I like my sound to maintain an edge to the music and vocally, I’m more a fan of a deeper, smoky delivery.  It suits my lyrics better, which tend to speak to the plights of the little man – sometimes even the bad man. 

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