Wallflowers & Springsteen – Best of Two Worlds

Time – such a crazy concept and though it keeps moving us forward it is always fun to take a peek back and relive moments that stand out in the scrapbook of life.
Believe it or not there was a flash in time when the Wallflowers were more popular than Bruce Springsteen. In 1997 they delivered their second album ‘Bringing Down the Horse’ – one of the top albums that year – with hits ‘One Headlight’, ‘6th Avenue Heartbreak’ and ‘The Difference’.

For any that may not know – Wallflowers are fronted by Jakob Dylan – yes Bob Dylan’s son. How surreal it is to look into the face of the offspring of music history and see them all over again, yet knowing nothing is as true as the original.

Around this time Bruce seemed to be wandering a path in his career with a little uncertainty, having released ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Lucky Town’ on the same day and entering a time of reflection that only his real fans understood. He woke the world up when ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ won an Oscar and set hearts on fire – in that place where you can’t remember and you can’t forget – with ‘Secret Garden’ from the feel good movie Jerry Maguire.
It was a time for movie soundtracks as Bob Dylan also returned with ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Bruce put forth ‘Dead Man Walking’ for the Sean Penn movie and with it hearts could not help but feel his space in time – so necessary for growth.

In 1993 it seems the MTV’s were reaching out to expand their audience over the age of 26 and teamed up Neil Young with Pearl Jam – an unlikely duo at the time – and now it is the kind of stuff avid music lovers hope for. In ’97 they put Sting on stage with Puff Daddy and decided to inject some depth to the Wallflowers tune ‘One Headlight’ by bringing Bruce on board. An interesting move as Bruce was labelled the new Dylan when he came on the scene back in ’73 and now he was singing with Jakob Dylan in a new time. Brilliantly planned though equally cool to have a number one song – and have Bruce front it with you.

As only Adam Sandler could deliver that night;

“You know your career is going well when Bruce Springsteen wants to sing a few lines from your song.”

For all it appeared a seamless fit and from there Bruce did everything right and it seemed the Wallflowers did everything wrong. The Wallflower’s recorded an instantly forgettable cover of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and then waited too long to release more music, for three years later people had almost forgotten about them.

Well in case you haven’t been following – the E Street Band reunited and began working like maniacs and the prophet found his place and the congregation still sings today with a strength, hope and stamina that may never be matched again.

Funny though every time I hear the Wallflowers come on the radio – I turn it up and sing like I was right there and it meant everything – because that’s what good songs do – they stay with you forever.

Check out their new album Glad All Over

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Gary Mallaber – On Working with the Boss and Proving He Is More Than Just A Joker

“Music teaches you a flow and a rhythm to life,…but, you must be receiving of that lesson.”

Born today looking back at the heart beat of many of music’s top songs.  Gary’s body of  work is true testament to the fine drummer he truly is.

Drummer Gary Mallaber was born October 11, 1946 in Buffalo, New York.

His studies in music began at the age of 6 and his post secondary studies included art and attaining a music diploma at The University of Buffalo.
His first major success came in the late ‘60’s when his Buffalo based rock-and-blues band ‘Raven’ made the move from up state down to New York City.


They caught the attention of Jimi Hendrix and while on tour in England had an offer from George Harrison to sign with Apple Records. Instead they chose a deal with Columbia and recorded the album Feelin’ Good.
They were opening for bands like Led Zeppelin, The Young Rascals, Procol Harem, The Byrds, Grand Funk Railroad, and others. During this time, Gary became enamored with the Van Morrison album Astral Weeks and sought him out in an East Village nightclub. The musical chemistry clicked and soon they began preparing for a body of work which became Moondance. Followed with Morrison efforts Tupelo Honey and St. Dominics Preview – working with Jesse Ed Davis of the Taj Mahal Quartet – and moving to LA where he met the greatest southern California writing circle consisting of Paul Williams, Ned Doheny, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon and Bonnie Raitt to name just a few.

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Jesus Was An Only Son

Driving this morning I was listening to E Street Radio – one of Bruce’s concerts from back in 2005. This song took me on a journey much farther than I could ever go in my car.

Bruce a poet, a preacher, a lover, a friend… setting souls on fire around the world.

Jesus Was An Only Son

Jesus was an only son
As he walked up Calvary Hill
His mother Mary walking beside him
In the path where his blood spilled
Jesus was an only son
In the hills of Nazareth
As he lay reading the Psalms of David
At his mother’s feet

A mother prays, “Sleep tight, my child, sleep well
For I’ll be at your side
That no shadow, no darkness, no tolling bell,
Shall pierce your dreams this night”

In the garden at Gethsemane
He prayed for the life he’d never live,
He beseeched his Heavenly Father to remove
The cup of death from his lips

Now there’s a loss that can never be replaced,
A destination that can never be reached
A light you’ll never find in another’s face,
A sea whose distance cannot be breached

Well Jesus kissed his mother’s hands
Whispered, “Mother, still your tears,
For remember the soul of the universe
Willed a world and it appeared

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The Zilis – Hamilton, Ontario

” Not since The White Stripes has a band lit us up quite like The Zilis. With a sound that is distinctly nostalgic and rocking full of fun, these guys are proof that good things do come north of the border.  ”  – Fresh Independence

Name: Zander Lamothe, Justin Bozzo and Sean Royle

Age: Zander is 24. Justin and Sean are 26.

 Where are you writing this: Sean’s home.


How did The Zilis come to be?

We started playing together when we were in high school. We had a front man at first but we really started playing as a three-piece when we formed a cover band called the Led Hot Zili Peppers. We played three one-hour long sets a night to pay off the debts of our old band. When our front man left, we began writing originals as a trio and found that things were really clicking. Eventually, we decided to shorten the name to The Zilis for our original stuff.

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