Terraplane Sun Is Venice Beach

” Not very often does a voice come along with such distinctive raw honesty as that of Ben Rothbard, and the beat that backs him up rocks you to your soul. Terraplane Sun the band to watch out for in 2014.” – Fresh Independence

The future is bright for Terraplane Sun.

Straight up from Venice Beach, California and led by the voice of frontman Ben Rothbard, their music creates an ambience that is undeniably vintage rock blues. Classic songs with a sound that makes even good girls want to groove and get lost in the night. We caught up with them in their stomping grounds and saw the place where their unique sound came to life and where the magic began to happen.

 1. How did Terraplane Sun come to be?

Luck, hard work, perseverance and a lot of Jack and sodas.

2. Tell us about your name.

It’s based off of an old Delta Blues song written by the great Robert Johnson.

A Terraplane

3. What is your musical style?

Feel good style!

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Matt Costa – Southern California

Matt Costa carries the true essence of an artist and his southern Cali roots lend a vibe that takes this singer, songwriter & multi instrumentalist to a new level. His music is soothing, mystical and makes the heart wander to places far away. This musician marches to his own drummer and this fourth full length LP titled  


Matt Costa is available on iTunes now. 

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Tyler Lyle- Los Angeles

I love the moment when we find our perfect summer soundtrack!

This is Tyler Lyle from Santa Monica, California. 

His latest EP, ‘Expatriates’ was recently released and Live Session debuts next week.

Learn more about Fresh Independence’s songwriter in spotlight Tyler Lyle.

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