Get on Board with Passenger at the Orpheum Theatre Vancouver B.C.

a passenger music


P A S S E N G E R   M U S I C 

I stumbled upon Passenger some years back  clicking around  looking for something to light me up in the night. There’s a  familiarity inside his quirky lyrics as eccentric as any real life situation can be, delivered with a comforting voice that resonates deep inside that place which makes you feel alive. Effortlessly moving you from laughter to tears while ushering your heart through all the emotions you did not know were lingering so close.

Brighton born Mike Rosenberg learned his craft busking in the streets of Australia, America and the United Kingdom. A troubadour at heart, with a passion born from his soul, the songs speak for themselves and his endearing sense of storytelling is selling out crowds across Europe, America and beyond.


a passenger whispers

His latest album offering Whispers brings the listener to his thoughts present day, delightful and inspiring from the moment you pick it up. Simply the prettiest art work I have ever seen framing a body of music, filled with that bit of comfort and sensibility that resonates with those feelings of days gone by, but remain forever imprinted on your heart.

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Shakey Graves SOLD-OUT Vancouver, Canada

Shakey Graves 3

Shakey Graves 2

Shakey Graves will never shake off his bad boy image, but there was something refreshing about him last night and it is not just his music or the fresh lavender and hydrangeas a hippie hipster was tossing on stage.

A pair of patriotic fresh red and white kicks, clean laundry, a shave and a haircut can go a long way. I do stand to believe that age twenty-seven [Shakey Graves 28] is the new club of revival, ambition and depth. It showed tonight, but that is a whole other story.

Last night the sold out crowd at The Commodore, downtown Vancouver was an eclectic mix, but the common bond was excitement to be out on a Tuesday night. In a sense this feels strange to say, but the energy was alive and people were giddy.

He floated in, rolled them bones, the war came and it was late July. Shakey Graves performance was true to rock n roll, refined from steady days on the road, candidly filled with love and passion. His personality is full of life possessing a child like humour, and a cheeky grin oozing pheromones of the loveliest kind. Perhaps leaving three types of girls wanting more. Study the crowd in any music room and you will spot them.

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The Rising Few – Montreal, Canada

 If you can groove, it will open it’s arms to you. – Karim Terouzian 


  Introduce The Rising Few…

We are The Rising Few,  a new local Montreal group of guys that blend Folk, Rock, Pop and Blues to leave you with an experience exclusive to Montreal and it’s youth.


2. How did your band come to be?

I left Cairo at the age of 25 looking for some privacy and tons of answers. My journey into self discovery ultimately lead me to start what I always wanted to do, music. I went to every open mic possible trying out my songs and getting to know who were the local musicians, where they hang, what do they sound like.  I met Hubert Tremblay. I took Hubert’s business card…aaand lift off!

3. Describe your musical style…

Stay with me for  this one… Springsteen and Cat Stevens had a baby, that baby got lost in the plateau area of Montreal. It ended up being adopted by Leonard Cohen… Leonard Cohen depressingly abandoned that baby in a Dave Mathews Band concert at Park Jean Drapeau. It was last seen intoxicated wearing a Tragically Hip T-shirt on St-Laurent street slurring out loud: ”OOHHH (hick-up) WE’RE HALFF WAY THEEEREE..”

a rise style

4. Okay who got the crush on the beautiful bar maid at the Rouge nightclub, whom is the inspiration for your song ‘I Want You Now’ ?

I did (Karim) was humming/voicing the melody on my way down St-Laurent street to ROUGE (this is how excited I was about getting there !!) Then I was writing the words sitting at her bar, went back home, arranged it then passed out.

5. How did it come to pass that she is the actress in the video?

It was a shot in the dark. I approached her about the project, she found it to be cool. It ended up adding the right kind of authenticity to the video… it’s actually her!

a rise

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L U R A Y // Ethereal indie-banjo from camp Bon Iver

Hence upon the passing of one season to another Washington D.C./’s  L u r a y evolves the soul to a place of calm and sweetness. Somehow it just sounds right. Fresh Independence is proud to Debut Luray’s The Wilder LIVE and off the floor.

Keep it in the family. Luray is the indie-banjo creation of Shannon Carey. With production help from brother Sean Carey (of S. Carey and Bon Iver), Luray\’s unique sound creates strange and lovely bedfellows of different genres. Banjos, vibes, pedal steel, and ambient vocals make up this bluegrass-trained songwriter\’s new and vibrant approach to making music. The end result is somewhere between Iron & Wine and Emmylou Harris. Luray live includes Shannon Carey on banjo and vocals, Sarah Gilberg on keyboard and backing vocals, Gabriel Wisniewski on electric guitar, C.J. Wolfe on drums, and Brian Cruse on bass.

Luray is releasing their debut album, The Wilder on 8/27 and touring the east coast and midwest in September.

*Recently F R E S H  I N D E P E N D E N C E  caught up with L U R A Y to learn about the Debut Album and so much more…

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