Ben Mankiewicz – Turner Classic Movies

“There will never be another era, quite like the golden age of Hollywood. We didn’t know how to blow up buildings – so instead we told great stories.”

Turner Classic Movies infinitely rich with history, and rightfully so is it’s charismatic host Ben Mankiewicz. With his unique contemporary style and off the cuff banter – he says viewers did not readily embrace him during early days in that big leather chair.

Well as it goes he’s been winning hearts one film introduction at a time, sharing details every classic movie lover yearns to discover.

What’s the secret to his success?

 ‘I’ve stayed true to myself and what I do best, and hey – nobody can read a teleprompter quite like I can.’

A  pleasure talking to this fascinating man with the golden job. Find out why he hopes this gig will go on forever.


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The Postelles- Brooklyn, NY

And It Shook Me 

C a t c h y,  G e n u i n e,  G u i t a r s

The Postelles capture what is lost in Music today.

You hang off lead vocalist Daniel Balks every word. Bassist John Speyer has irresistable charm, Billy Cadden proves that drummers do it with a better beat, and last but not least David Dargahi is the glue that holds The Postelles and their electric motown flair together.

We caught up with Daniel and John in Vancouver of late when they opened for Atlas Genius. We will not forget this classic moment admist busy city life, reminding us of what is important & to stop and enjoy the view.

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Postelles Album Cover

1. Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

We all live in New York. We are also born there and it’s home to all of us. There’s something new everyday in the city.

2. Three words that best describe your musical style…

Catchy, genuine and guitars. 

Postelles Self Sketch

3. When song writing which comes first the lyrics or the melody?

Usually the melody.

4.Which lyrics are your favourite off your latest album “And It Shook Me” and tell us the story behind them.

I like the line ‘Love ain’t a hard on’ in Parallel Love. I could imagine the girl pushing the guy away in bed, basically explaining its not all about sex but in a more clever way. 

Postelles Bed

5. We know that what happens on the bus, stays on the bus but share your band’s most memorable tour bus story.

Definitely having to drive 4 mph to a hotel because of an insane blizzard in Kentucky. We were listening to Robert Johnson and thought we weren’t going to make it. It was very scary. 

6.The greatest book ever written is…

Impossible to answer but I’ll go with my friends book about Brooklyn called, ‘To Be Heard’ by Roof Alexander 

7. Your dream marquee would read…

The Postelles at Madison Square Garden (Sold Out) 

Postelles Color

8. Daniel wishes he could… getaway with wearing gold boots 

     John wishes he could just… go to any bar 

     David thinks a lot about… the ending in the TV show Lost 

     Billy believes that… Daniel could getaway with wearing gold boots 

9. Our most amazing Postelles moment thus far…

Opening for Chuck Berry

10. You know someone really loves you when…

They get upset when you’re upset 

11. What quote or idea always stays with you?

Any Woody Allen quote but I’ll pick one. ‘Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.’ 

12. Who is the worst to bunk with on the road?

We’re all pretty bad in our own ways.

13. The Postelles are hositng a dinner party.

      What is on the menu? Grilled Cheese and whiskey

      Name 4 people past or present that would make it an interesting evening filled with thought provoking conversation. 

Woody Allen, John Lennon, Ernest Hemingway and Charles Bukowski.

Postelles Jumping

14. Which Postelle is the philanthropist? Our tour manager 

       Which Postelle is the realist? John

       Which Postelle is the romantic at heart? Daniel

       Which Postelle was born in the wrong generation? Billy 

15. Which flavor of  ice cream best describes you?

Chocolate Mint Chip

16. Where are you writing this?

On the road somewhere in the state of Washington 

Postelles Field


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Postelles Q&A

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