Dave Cheetham Stops By To Share His Latest Album – One Star Away

I love hopeless love stories. My fav movie choices make me cry and my kids laugh at me all the time. I think it’s okay and I’m old enough to do that. All this time I’ve been a fan of romance and I never knew it.

Do what you love – love what you do – is our mantra at Fresh Independence.
Best part of that is meeting so many nice people.

Early on we had the pleasure of bumping into songwriter Dave Cheetham from Deganwy, Wales.
Filled with British charm and a wise cracking demeanour that will keep you on your toes, he never fails to come through when we need him most.
He’s come by to share his latest album ‘One Star Away’ – with the title song inspired by astronaut Scott Kelly – who reflected his thoughts while gazing upon the face of earth.
Lovely to the core – we invite you to share our conversation and get to know more about this man behind the music.



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The Archbishop, Truckers, The Pet Shop Boys &The Open Road


With special thanks, written by: Dave Cheetham

I have to confess, even though I have lived through one previous incarnation of the Pet Shop Boys, I’ve never been what you would describe as a fan of their music. All that said, their electronic warbling has never particularly offended me either. 

With that lack of offence in their favour, when my dear old friend Kim at Fresh Independence called me and asked me if I would review the Pet Shop Boys Latest album I felt somewhat duty bound to rise to the  challenge.

So, after slipping a copy of the ‘Shoppers’ playlist into my car’s stereo,  dressed as an Archbishop, complete with staff and mitre,  I set off on the three and half hour journey to the Lake District and my brothers 50th birthday party.  Settling back into the drivers seat with my mitre tilted at an angle just jaunty enough to squeeze into the space between head an sunroof, I turned the keys, applied pedal ‘A’ and pressed the play button.

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Dave Cheetham- Deganwy, Wales

Often pondered is the question ‘what is success’… is it defined by being the latest ‘thing’ on the cover of a magazine, a top 20 hit, the balance of your bank account?  Or is it feeling truly happy and fulfilled at the end of a long day, knowing that what you do makes a difference to those around you. As life carries us forward we realize that success and happiness go hand in hand – doing what you love and loving what you do. That is exactly what Welsh born singer, songwriter Dave Cheetham does, writing from his own life experiences and proving that we can all do small things with great love. Never underestimate the power of good energy for it carries with it the ability to light up the world.

Where are you writing this:

In my kitchen. My favourite room in the house. My favourite room in any house (and at any party).

Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours…

I live in a sleepy corner of North Wales by the sea and under the shadow of the mountains, with my partner, girlfriend, lover and guardian angel Tracey. We jostle for space with our three teenage children, who are revelling in the irresponsible privilege of youth.

The kids are great really, they put up with me strumming and warbling away all day long. They just turn up the TV and carry on. Seems like they don’t even notice the noise any more.

My family have been amazingly supportive about my songwriting. Without their encouragement I wouldn’t have posted any of my songs on YouTube or eventually started recording them and releasing them on iTunes.

When I nervously announced I’d written a few songs, I expected them to laugh or roll their eyes in embarrassment. But they had quite the opposite reaction. Todays generation of young people are so much more accepting and positive than they were when I was a kid. It’s the age of user generated content so they are used to it, in fact they expect it.

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