Happy New Year

Bringing in the new year, hearts filled with inspiration, motivation; many exciting projects on the go and the near horizon.

We begin with ‘Love Yourself More’ a music documentary focusing on the ‘women behind the men of rock & roll’. The first in our ‘Women Strong’ series, understanding that behind every successful man stands a strong woman, we want to celebrate them all.

Fresh Independence along with our international correspondents will bring you stories written from the heart, music that ignites the soul, pictures from around our worlds and fashion look books that will imprint on your life & style.

Stay with us this 2016 and be inspired to do what you love – love what you do & always dare to dream.

Happy New Year!  xo



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The Ties That Bind

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s 1980 album The River catapulted him to arena status and now a making-of documentary about that record is coming to HBO. Named for the LP’s lead track, ‘The Ties That Bind’ will premiere November 27.


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Terraplane Sun- California

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Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti have a new project called ‘The Palms’ but before we go there let’s go back to the beginning with how it all began with Terraplane Sun.

Take a walk with us on the wildside to Venice Beach: the room where it all started. This is the unreleased, ‘Weekend’ after the weekend with, ‘No Regrets’ off their latest EP, ‘Ya Never Know.’

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Montage of Heck

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I really liked Montage of Heck and I tip my hat to you Brett Morgen for a job well done on so many levels.

From a film makers perspective it was done brilliantly capturing the thoughts and emotions of the subject at hand. 

 Basking in the light of day and feeling the cloudiness of unsettled minds in the ambience set forth. You painted a brilliant stage for this story to be told. Out of the gate the photos so full of life grabbed your heart and said, ‘I am real.’

The recordings, music and home footage live on as if a vault of time stopped forever was allowed to breathe again.

I never knew how pretty, blue and sweet the eyes of Kurt Cobain were until they were staring back at the world on that giant screen.

In truth some are born tortured souls and perhaps too gentle for this often cruel world. It’s so sad because from the outside looking in you know that they possess everything to create a life lived well but lack the clarity to see it with their own eyes. Self medicating in hopes of soothing the turbulent energy roaring through them hence igniting a raging inferno of hell within.

Recollections from those close to Kurt each lent sincerity and human touch to his situation and in truth there was nothing glamorous about his story. Even in animation, it was real becoming a nightmare of death by heroin.

Without judgement I ask, why don’t people speak up when they see someone hurting themselves? Are we afraid or is it that we can not believe it is really happening? I think each face there had a look of  ‘ if only ‘. Where do we draw the line between destiny and choice.

No Apologies needed as his music plays on to your heart. Thank you Brett Morgen for bringing us in and allowing some closure.  You were right Wendy Cobain he was meant for this world and I too am angry that the ‘stupid club’ claimed him. 

I will never forget his words that resonate so deep…

Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self-esteem. They’re no good at all.

– Kurt Cobain February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994

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