Escondido prepare for February Release: Walking With A Stranger

Up and coming music blog New Interstice recently released an article and video on Escondido that is too good not to share.

Escondido is Nashville, TN based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James.  Recorded live in a single day, their debut album, The Ghost of Escondido, was self-released in 2013 to critical acclaim.  Their David Lynch approved desert rock was described by Vogue as “One of the rare alt-country crossover acts with highbrow cred” and led to appearances on Conan and ABC’s “Nashville.”  Following the release, the band toured North America and Europe with the likes of Lord Huron and Wild Cub while spending their down time composing music for TV & Film.  Most recently, they wrote a song with Lena Dunham for characters Marnie & Desi in the upcoming season of HBO’s “Girls.”  The duo recently completed their follow-up album, Walking With A Stranger.

The pair met while James was recording their mutual friend at his home studio.  “Jess was quietly strumming this song Rodeo Queen on the couch while everyone else was making drinks in the kitchen.  I pushed record and added a little groove before folks got back in the room.  Later that night we listened to it and both said ‘You wanna make a record?’”  They spent the next two months crafting the songs and bonding over a shared love of spaghetti westerns and songwriters from the 70’s.  “We’d put on Ennio Morricone every morning,” says Maros.  “It’s an easy process when you both love the same stuff.”

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New Music from Escondido

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Oftentimes a song will come into your life, just when you need it most. Music speaks the words we cannot say.

Jessica Maros and Tyler James of Escondido sang an acoustic version of this song for us when we were in Nashville and we look forward to sharing the captured moment, on screen in, ‘Love Yourself More.’

Today the official video was released: Does this song melt your heart as much as it makes ours ache?

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It’s A Cold October- Behind The Music with Escondido


Cold October is about picking yourself up after a break-up.  It’s about how hard it is to leave someone you love even though you know it’s for the best.  The verses are reminiscent of good times and memories… coming to grips with where it went wrong.  But once the chorus hits we lay out the truth.. “The old you still had a foot in the door but the new you is already gone.”  I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this song. Musically speaking, Cold October is a frankenstein of a couple songs.  Jess had written a song called Cold October with our friend Leanne… we took that chorus and made it a verse and an old unused song of mine became the new chorus.  We ended up re-writing all the lyrics but we kept the title because it’ a good metaphor for both sides. – Tyler James / Escondido 


Been wrapping up the new record… It will be out next year but we’ll give ya some sneak peaks in the coming months. xo

Cold October

(Jessica Maros, Tyler James, Leanne Ford) 

miles down the highway i called you on the phone
couldn’t bring myself to tell you when i had you all alone
’cause I loved you like a summer’s day those nights spent in your arms
I said i’d never leave you, guess i’ll be doing you some harm

’cause that’s the old me talking, the new me’s walking
loved you until the truth came knocking darlin’
it’s a cold october
that’s the old me talking, the new me’s walking
some hearts are just made for locking darlin’
its a cold october

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