New Music from Escondido

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Oftentimes a song will come into your life, just when you need it most. Music speaks the words we cannot say.

Jessica Maros and Tyler James of Escondido sang an acoustic version of this song for us when we were in Nashville and we look forward to sharing the captured moment, on screen in, ‘Love Yourself More.’

Today the official video was released: Does this song melt your heart as much as it makes ours ache?

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Michael Noyce- Eau Claire, WI

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Two-thirty quickly rolled around and we made our way back for the jam. The band soothed their voices with tea and laughter as hearts filled with music and prepared to open up. Upon first listen we were blown away by the composition and rare subtleties that backed Noyce’s enviable tone.

“Both of them [songs performed] are dealing with being with people and negotiating the terrain of being yourself and also kind of understanding them and embracing them and trying to find a way to not feel like you are squashing any parts of yourself, but still be fully in with somebody else. I guess, but that is real cheesy.”


An uncontrollable calm flooded the scene as we wound through the maze of cornfields. It was pouring rain and thoughts danced as plans were on the horizon of change. Eau Claire was our final destination and a new beginning was not only ours. 

Greeted with wet hands from finishing up the morning dishes Michael Noyce peeked behind his blonde locks and innocent charm.

Welcomed into his newly purchased 1930’s home; life was still being unpacked, but musical instruments were set and found place in the front room. We gathered as many do in the black and white tiled kitchen. Noyce has always had a love for cooking and his plentiful spice cabinet proved so.

We planned to go for lunch and to the park before the band arrived for a live session. 

We climbed into the Toyota Corolla perhaps too worse for wear, days earlier returning from a journey to Oregon to visit his grandmother.

Previously, we planned to film in Madison so what brought him to Eau Claire? An end to a relationship, [eyes lit up] the music scene, “I grew up in Eau Claire, all my friends are here.”

Michael Noyce 2

As the sun beamed and we wound down the solemn streets I could not help, but smile to the one source that proved it is okay to admit your admiration for pop music. 

Remarking on the sounds, beats, and engineering, Noyce steered meyself in the direction to believe that this is creative sound with purpose and talent. Light hearted, open minded, caring, and intelligent was evident upon first conversation. Can it really feel this rare to exchange productive thoughts with the generation of now?

We pulled up for a walk at the whimsical Phoenix Park. Noyce walked ahead black levi’s, classic gray sweater in tow with black and white Adidas soccer shoes tied round the middle. Soccer was his sport growing up and laughed mentioning he and a few other kids were the jocks in elementary school. “I was the class clown, I had a lot of friends.” 

As we scaled the bike path of an old train bridge and skipped rocks along the Chippewa river we talked like two summer friends. 

“Have you ever cliff jumped before?” 

“Yes, but I was always afraid of heights.”

“So you would never bunjee jump or sky dive?”

If he had to pick his poison, he would sky dive. I decided to pull a fast one and declare that we were going to go today. He looked in surprise, but I know we could of convinced him. 

On a more practical note: Michael’s Father is from California an Infectious Disease Specialist and Mother a vet from Chicago, most recently introducing acupuncture as means of  treatment for animals. 

He has two brothers and a sister. They introduced him to his first taste of music. A Nirvana tape and Third Eye Blind. In high school Michael found his voice in choir and love for guitar via his teacher Justin Vernon. This is where the real story begins… 

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Terraplane Sun- California

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Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti have a new project called ‘The Palms’ but before we go there let’s go back to the beginning with how it all began with Terraplane Sun.

Take a walk with us on the wildside to Venice Beach: the room where it all started. This is the unreleased, ‘Weekend’ after the weekend with, ‘No Regrets’ off their latest EP, ‘Ya Never Know.’

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Abraham- Victoria, Canada

The whole time that I was writing these songs I felt like I was screaming and trying to burst through this bubble that was holding me back from being who I was and accomplishing what I needed to. These songs have become a sort of relinquishing of the power that held me down.

Abraham 2

Fresh Independence is seeing a trend here. Victoria, Canada lay home to upcoming musicians set to make their mark long past our time.

May we introduce to you the strong and sweet Abraham. Her music relates to the heart and melts the soul. Let her words drip down your skin as you find comfort on a rainy winter eve. 


Aka Sydney Batters

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

Home is where I am happiest, some people say that you are only truly home when you feel at home wherever you are. But I don’t necessarily share that view. Home for me is a safe, warm, private, comfort and crucial to my survival as I am very easily drained from outside stimulus. I really need to retreat and be alone in my own space in order to regain energy. My home is where I can completely be myself, and it is where I spend most of my time. 

 How did music find you?

Music found me at a very very young age. Since I have been able to speak, I have sang and written songs. They have literally always poured out of me. I think it’s the only way I can survive life. If I can’t write, or play music, I get very depressed. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I would say indie folk, seeing me live is a bit of a different experience in comparison to listening to the EP. On the EP I have a full band behind me, as well as am doing harmonies over my own voice, so that brings out a swinging pop feel. But live, I mainly perform solo, and it resembles something more like Laura Marling or Angel Olsen. Same tree, different branch. 


 This Old Heart- Tell us everything. What/Who/When/Why/Where sparked your inspiration? 

This Old Heart was a few years in the making, but most of the songs came together in early 2014. A great portion of the inspiration came from a long depression, which hindered me in every way. The whole time that I was writing these songs I felt like I was screaming and trying to burst through this bubble that was holding me back from being who I was and accomplishing what I needed to. These songs have become a sort of relinquishing of the power that held me down. 

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