Brett Dennen: On Tour Now

Fresh Independence caught up with Brett Dennen after a day of skiing in Aspen, Colorado. Currently on Tour: You don’t want to miss this diamond in the rough.

Where did Tour kick off?

We kicked off tour in Phoenix, AZ and stop in Honolulu, HI. I wish I could tour Hawaii all the time. I don’t, but I need to.

You were in Vancouver last February right?

I was , I love Vancouver, I was there last summer as well. 

Brett Dennen 3

The number one thing people say to me when they meet me is, “I didn’t realize you were so tall!” I heard that at least 50 times a day last month on tour. Here I am backstage last night in Madrid, warming up before the show. In Holland, I fit in just fine.

What is your favorite thing about Vancouver?

I just love the scenery, the air, the red wood trees, the breeze, it has that water-ocean-air energy to it that is invigorating and it is just so blue and green. Those are the colors of life- very inspiring. 

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Abraham- Victoria, Canada

The whole time that I was writing these songs I felt like I was screaming and trying to burst through this bubble that was holding me back from being who I was and accomplishing what I needed to. These songs have become a sort of relinquishing of the power that held me down.

Abraham 2

Fresh Independence is seeing a trend here. Victoria, Canada lay home to upcoming musicians set to make their mark long past our time.

May we introduce to you the strong and sweet Abraham. Her music relates to the heart and melts the soul. Let her words drip down your skin as you find comfort on a rainy winter eve. 


Aka Sydney Batters

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

Home is where I am happiest, some people say that you are only truly home when you feel at home wherever you are. But I don’t necessarily share that view. Home for me is a safe, warm, private, comfort and crucial to my survival as I am very easily drained from outside stimulus. I really need to retreat and be alone in my own space in order to regain energy. My home is where I can completely be myself, and it is where I spend most of my time. 

 How did music find you?

Music found me at a very very young age. Since I have been able to speak, I have sang and written songs. They have literally always poured out of me. I think it’s the only way I can survive life. If I can’t write, or play music, I get very depressed. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I would say indie folk, seeing me live is a bit of a different experience in comparison to listening to the EP. On the EP I have a full band behind me, as well as am doing harmonies over my own voice, so that brings out a swinging pop feel. But live, I mainly perform solo, and it resembles something more like Laura Marling or Angel Olsen. Same tree, different branch. 


 This Old Heart- Tell us everything. What/Who/When/Why/Where sparked your inspiration? 

This Old Heart was a few years in the making, but most of the songs came together in early 2014. A great portion of the inspiration came from a long depression, which hindered me in every way. The whole time that I was writing these songs I felt like I was screaming and trying to burst through this bubble that was holding me back from being who I was and accomplishing what I needed to. These songs have become a sort of relinquishing of the power that held me down. 

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Katie Buchanan Kansas-NYC

Katie B

Sweet & Fresh with New Found Edge

Music found you through your Grandfather hence a longstanding line of musicians. What is the best advice your Grandfather has given you?

Always leave them wanting more (I had a problem with song length as a kid). Also: practice after every meal, you always have to eat so you always have to practice. That one was a fairly recent declaration, but it’s been his advice by example for years: practice your craft. 

You cite your musical influences as Fiona Apple, early John Mayer, Hanson, Sara Bareilles, Matt Nathanson, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, and Fleetwood Mac. Have you witnessed any of these live shows? What did you take from them?

I’ve seen all but the Beatles (obviously) and Fleetwood Mac (hoping to make that happen this year). I mostly remember crowd interactions.  Aretha taking a second to joke about her less than practical dress as she took a seat at the piano.  It was the best part of amazing show by an amazing icon. Musically, though, the show that’s really stuck with me is Fiona Apple and Blake Mills “Anything We Want”. It was such a stunning display of reworking these famous, complicated productions into this minimalist live performance that felt even bigger and more resonant. The duo version of “I Know:” perfection.

‘Go’ is the title of your upcoming EP. You say it is a “Dark record in a  peaceful place” and you’re the songwriter,instrumentalist and producer of the record. In short: Take us on this organic experience.

Well it ends in a peaceful place, but it mostly reflects a dark time for me. It starts with “Shake Down” which explores the “you and me against the world” trope but from a very cynical place: “you won’t shake me down, you humble hoper” (poetic license on that last word).   That shifts immediately into “Go,” where the first line is “now I’m coming down.” So there’s definitely a lyrical through-line, the push and pull between the emotional and the rational.  “Casting Waves” sweeps it all together in this lovely little place of acceptance. 

Support Katie Buchanan and her Music Here

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The Bushwick Hotel- Brooklyn NY


Blues and Rock that will blow you away…

Home is where your story begins, could you tell us a bit about yours? 

Gregory Ferreira: My home is a recording studio in Brooklyn called Live By The Sword Studio.  I find it essential to have all the tools in front of me to create.  Home for me is wherever I can make art.

How did Music find you?

Gregory Ferreira: I grew up in a musical household.  Everyone had some type of musical talent. Also, in Catholic School I was exposed to a lot of the old hymns, which I found interesting and would sometimes learn on guitar and change the words.

“Graffiti of the Young Man’s Mind:” What was the inspiration behind this Album?

Gregory Ferreira: I wanted to go deeper into my mind and create something that was a visceral type of expression, a raw vibe driven record with collage-like lyrics fueled by recording studio jam sessions.  The process was as big a part of the inspiration for the album as anything else.  There was a high level camaraderie and collaboration through endless recording and cooking parties in a permissive and inclusive environment, or in laymen’s terms, “my studio was on fire.”

Live By The Sword Studio est. 2010 

First off, what is the story behind the name?

Gregory Ferreira: As a rebellious kid in Catholic School I came upon the phrase, “Live by the sword. Die By the sword,” but I just really liked the first half.

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