Craig Roh – More Than A Football Player

When you hear the name Craig ‘Death’ Roh different visions come to mind. I had the privilege to catch up with this man who is more than a triple threat on the field – he is a player of integrity, faith and belief that all things are possible when you take the high road.

Have a listen and learn more about #93 and this man behind the football player – Craig Roh.

“Well, Roh is my last name, and I realized one day that ‘Death Roh’ would be a cool nickame, I realized this in senior year of high school. I had an interview right after that for a Michigan website and I told them that my nickname was ‘Death Roh’, and it stuck ever since. I’m definitely not a ‘death row’ type personality, but the nickname is cool. You gotta have a different persona on the field – you can’t always be who you are in civilian life. On the field, you gotta be violent, you gotta be aggressive. Off the field, you have to be loving, charismatic, and gentle.
My journey with the Lions is awesome. It’s truly a blessing,I came out here just wanting to keep playing football. Vancouver has been an awesome city,the BC Lions organization has been so fun to get to know, my teammates are awesome, the D-line is awesome, and I’m really happy up here.”


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Moddi – Senja Norway

a moddi

In  just a very few words…

– I’m a self-taught musician, playing the accordion, guitar and singing in English and Norwegian.

– I’m born in 1987, grew up in Senja in Norway playing the trumpet, piano and football. When I was 20 I started travelling around with my own songs. I haven’t stopped since.

– After a number of EPs and demos, my debut album ‘Floriography’ was released in 2010. In 2013 came two new albums, ‘Set the House on Fire’ and ‘Kæm va du?’. ‘Kæm va du?’ won the Spellemann award for best folk album of the year.

– I believe in a better world and that music can help us get there.

The whole story…

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