Shanee Pink- Los Angeles

S h u h – N E E

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Shanee Pink

 I never ever ever buy fashion magazines. They tend to be about seasonal fashion trends that convince you to buy things you don’t need that will go “out of fashion” by the next issue you purchase.

Where are you writing this right now? 

My home in LA

Home is where your story begins, can you tell us a bit about yours?

My home is a cozy place with an inspiring view. I moved back to LA from NY two years ago because I needed to be closer to nature. What I love about living in California is that I’m just 30 min away from the ocean or the mountains and feel like that refreshes me and keeps me connected to earth.

How did Music find you? 

My brothers always played music in the house I grew up in. I was their number one groupie and I learned what I know about making music from being in their company and the company of other musicians from a young age. I wanted to sing and play like they did and eventually I turned from an observer to a participant.5. Your latest EP release: ‘Spreading In The Light’ would you share a story behind one of the songs? I wrote the song ‘Man to Man’ while on a visit to Israel. I was getting ready to play a show in Tel Aviv when I heard a story on the news about some extreme religious people harassing other religious people for not being as devout as they were. I just thought at that moment that the world had gone mad and that people forgot the most basic human decency of being kind and tolerant towards one another. The song wrote itself after that.6. Fashion. An intricate part to the musician lifestyle.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits on the road? 

I find inspiration from people on the street and from films of previous decades. I never ever ever buy fashion magazines. They tend to be about seasonal fashion trends that convince you to buy things you don’t need that will go “out of fashion” by the next issue you purchase. I dress up to my mood on that specific day and encourage women to figure out their own style through self expression. 

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Shout-out to your top three Bands/ Artists to watch out for?

I’m in love with ‘Sylvan Esso’ at the moment. Also ‘Ramona Lisa’ has been playing on repeat in my car. And ‘Henry Wolfe’ is amazing too. All of these people are true artists who are bringing something new to our listening pleasure.

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Sun Culture- Nashville, TN

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What could the world use more of? -Always more cowbell.

Letting go means leaving something behind.


Title track, ‘Crooked Line’ sets the tone for a revival and caustic ambience to lure the ears into Sun Culture.

Crafts the perfect soundtrack for hot summer days.  

Sun Culture 2

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton Photography

Sun Culture, a distinctive name. Tell us more:

 The whole idea for this project centered around fun music that had a summery vibe to it. I was thinking a lot about beaches and sunny days when we worked on this music.

How did Music find you?

I have always loved writing songs, and began pursuing that at a young age. I eventually signed with a major label as a solo artist and released a record, then returned to my first love: making music independently. That’s how Sun Culture was born.

 Does your musical inspiration derive from Nashville?

Nashville inspires me in many ways. I get to soak in the amazing music scene here and listen to all kinds of great new bands and songs, and I am also motivated by the immense pool of talent here, both as a songwriter and a producer.


Sun Culture, where was it recorded? Was the Album culminated to tell a story as a whole, or a compilation of eight songs over time?

 Sun Culture was one of the last records to come out of Fantasy Land Studio in Gallatin, TN before they moved to their new location in Nashville. My friend Jordan and I co-produced the record, and we wrote most of the songs while we were in the studio. As a result, I think this album is very much a snapshot of a moment in time for me.

 Would you share a story behind one of the songs?

Crooked Line is particularly meaningful to me because it speaks to how difficult it is to start over with something new. In many ways, this is how I felt about making the record. I was scared to start something new, and I knew it would take a lot of work, but I knew it was worth it. When we sat down to discuss the order of the songs, this was a clear choice to open the album.

 What does the perfect summer day look like to you?

 I’d love to be sipping lemonade outside with good friends and something delicious on the grill.

 Everyone is always looking for new music. Shout-out to who you cannot get enough of lately: 

 I’ve been really digging the new Magic Man and Strange Talk albums. Both very solid.

Sun Culture 5

 How did/have you grown as a songwriter since the Sun Culture Album?

 I tried to tackle some more complex topics on this record than what I’ve written in the past and tried to draw inspirations from some unexpected places.

There are hints that Sun Culture will be releasing a new single, ‘Young Blood.’ What is the essence behind this song?

 The song is all about the feeling of being young and invincible. It’s about those nights where you think you could can take on the world and win.

When in Nashville you must…

Visit Pancake Pantry! It just doesn’t get better than a good batch of fresh pancakes.

Sun Culture is hosting a Dinner Party. Fill in the blanks…

The dinner party is at Panda Express, because I have a serious addiction. I arrive in my spacious yet gas-efficient Kia Soul, wearing shorts and a tee along with the most glorious set of Crocs your eyes have ever beheld. I walk through the door with a Russian supermodel on my arm, much to the surprise of Abraham Lincoln, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and of course Juan Pablo. We listen to three copies of Yeezus on repeat, while drinking the finest Italian wines, coupled with value meals from Taco Bell. If the conversation is lacking, I simply attempt to present Ms. Swift with an award, then sit back and enjoy.

Sun Culture 3

Sun Culture has always wondered why?

Sun Culture has always wondered why not.

On a final note: A quote or piece of advice that will always stay with you?

 “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I cannot tell you how much this means to me. It really is true, pursue your passions and find a way to support yourself doing what you love.


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Raw and Sexy like a New York Night.

This is STRNGRS tearing up the scene. Fresh Independence’s Band to watch out for.

Answered by: Garrett Drinon [Guitarist] of STRNGRS.

How did music find you and STRNGRS come to be?

I’m pretty sure the heartbeat in the womb was how that happened. STRNGRS came from a long history of Chase and I figuring out how we can sound together, with Chase playing different instruments along the way, until we came to this drum and guitar scenario and met Carson, which completeled this thing in ways that we never could have planned.

Undeniably, your vocals are powerfully so. Cannot imagine the outlet this may bring to you. In retrospect, how does the songwriting process work for you?

Each song comes in it’s own ways.  Someone may start an idea, but it’s always a collaboration by the time it sounds like us.

Two EP’s under your belt and a Debut LP in the works. What can you tell us about the journey thus far?

We’d be playing music no matter what, but we’re very happy we’ve found each other. Good musicians are easy to find; people who are on the same page are not.

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