Driving into the weekend.

‘I find my greatest purpose in life is when I am completely lost in Musc‘- Flea

Forever rocking out to The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Did you know Anthony Kiedis was babysat by Cher?

A great concept of today for fans to get to know musicians. Interviewing musicians is not always found on late night television.

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Vita Bergen- Gothenburg, Sweden

Looking forward to including this one on our road trip playlist and around the campfire.

Vita Bergen is a cotton candy sky kind of soundtrack and make you feel hip again.

Just in time for summer their latest album, ‘Disconnection’ carries you from day into night.

Is your name Vita Bergen because that is where you met?

Robert: Actually the first time we met were as 8-year olds when our hockey teams played each other. William was the goalie and I was the center in the rival team.

Vita Bergen is a park area in central Stockholm, so people tend to think that we have a special relation to that place. But we’re from Gothenburg and the name has absolutely nothing to do with the park, so we just decided to ignore the connection. Vita Bergen means “the white mountains” in English.

Musically, what gives you chemistry?

William: Between the two of us? I suppose it’s because we’re super close friends and know almost everything about each other. We basically know how the other one’s brain works. At the same time we’re total opposites. Extremely different. That fuels a lot of things.

When it comes to external inspiration it could be almost anything. A car alarm, something your sister said when talking to a friend on the phone or whatever.

PRESS 7_Photo By_Sarah_Cooper

Where was Disconnection recorded? Who produced the album and why?

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The Matinée – Vancouver BC

Gone are the days of boring elevator music.

I feel a kick coming on.

‘One part roots, one part rock, one part whiskey, and one part party. Bake on high for an hour- you’ve got yourself an evening.’

It was a damp Tuesday night in East Van. when The Matinèe let us into their rehearsal space. Their Debut Album, ‘We Swore We’d See The Sunrise” was only hours old.

So, what better place to celebrate than in a crate elevator with cupcakes…

Step inside and get to know the boys in this band and follow along with us as they make Sweet Water Roll with their infectious, raw music.

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The Boom Booms – Vancouver BC

The Boom Booms

Make Dat do Dat like Hot Rum and you will be Lonely No More!

Can not think of a better band to kick this off with than our very own boys from East Vancouver. They have been building a loyal fan base from home to Brazil since their debut in 2007.

Once you experience their live perfomance you will be a believer in their mantra of living life to the fullest. Learn about the glue that holds this band of brothers together and what makes them Vancouver’s number one ticket to a night of cool vibrations, good energy and fun. Come with us to discover some great music, with good people as we get ‘Fresh with The Boom Booms.’

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