Day 4: The Best Part of Nashville

Jane and Griffin

Loving this town and all the heart and soul within it. This morning took us to the home of Jane & Griffin House. They are ever so refreshing and grounded with a balance of loyalty to one another yet a comfortable freedom to grow into all the beautiful things life has waiting for you. Their story is a true testament to the certainty that Real Love Can’t Pretend.

I learned a long time ago not to worry about Griffin when he is out there on the road. I leave that up to him because the bigger part of me knows that he was ready for this. – Jane House

Jane 1

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Griffin House- Nashville

By Kim Laureen 

Nashville based Griffin House is one of those unsung heroes who moves quietly picking up broken hearts and giving them a place of safe refuge. He has a way to make every girl feel he is singing ‘The Guy That Says Goodbye’ especially for her and he paves the way with big shoes for any man to fill. He has grown in his own journey living the words ‘You can’t go around, what you gotta go through’. His performances are honest and real as he tours across America garnering Griffin House enthusiasts one song at a time.

Griffin Main


 G R I F F I N  H O U S E 


1. Which is your favorite song on your new album ‘Balls’ & tell us the story behind it.

My favorite song is probably “Go Through It.”

It sums up the idea of the album in the line “you can never get around what you gotta go through.”

I would have sang “you can never get around what you have to go through”  but it didn’t sound as good when you sing it.

If it was a poem and not a song, i would have written the latter line.

But the song is about doing the hard work in life that most of us, including myself, avoid until it becomes too painful not to do it. By work, I mean work on my insides. Work on my heart and my head.  Work on my spiritual well being.

Work on becoming more of an others centered person, rather than a self centered person.

Work on offering love to other human beings as a solution and a way of life.

It’s hard work to change, it’s painful.  And there ‘ain’t no way around it.  You just have to go through it.’

You have to sit in it.

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