Yamir- Chicago USA / Managua, Nicaragua

Latin Pop- Reggaeton- Hip Hop

Yamir means so much to us at Fresh Independence. His story inspires as he brings a genuine perspective of humanity and good energy to his approach to life. His light shines bright in an industry that can be tough at the best of times, especially for an indie artist. Let yourself go, feel the latino passion, and soon you too will not be able to get enough of that Party Love.

Home is where your story begins, please tell us about yours. 

I began in the streets of one of the poorest and most dangerous barrios of Managua, rapping and singing reggaeton.  I was raised by my mother, grandmother, and aunts but my mother had to leave the country for many years to study medicine and help better our lives.  There wasn’t a very bright future for other kids from my barrio, many of my childhood friends got mixed up with drugs and alcohol.  And while I was not a saint back then, I was still able to distance myself from all of that and fight for something bigger in life. 

Tell us a little about your musical history in Nicaragua.

Over 10 years ago I started rapping, mostly with friends. But little by little, I started writing my own songs and finding people who could record my demos.  After a few years, I had the opportunity to form the urban pop group “Myla Vox” with other musicians in Managua – I added the urban-rap element to our sound.  With patience and hard work, we became quite successful with our music, having 5 consecutive songs become radio hits and being able to play shows for thousands of fans.  We even had the amazing opportunity to open for artists such as Pitbull and Wisin & Yandel.  Myla Vox reached somewhat of a “celebrity status” in our own country and helped develop the idea of having “loyal fans”, something that was not seen before in Nicaragua.  


(Above) “Kukra hill” is an indigenous community on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua where Spanish is not the first language, they speak Miskito– but when I went to Atlantic Coast with Myla Vox, these little girls knew me and my music! It was very special moment.

What is the song writing process like for you?

Songwriting for me is very liberating, it gives me a great sense of relief and allows me to find myself but at the same time let my imagination run and invent a totally new story.  Generally, I start out recording a basic melody, usually with my cell phone (hahaha) and then once I can sit down and think things out, I work on the song structure and lyrics. 

Self-Titled Debut EP, ‘Yamir’ Available Now

Shout out to your favourite bands or artists at the moment from both of your home countries. 

Saludos a Carlos Mejia Godoy! He is a folkloric songwriter who, along with his family, has created a huge appreciation for Nicaragua’s folk music amongst our people.  I also really dig Malos Habitos and Milly Majuc, they both have a great sound. 

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Scott Mellis- LA / Australia

‘Scott Mellis just makes us feel right.’- Fresh Independence

It is hard to believe that Folk Artist: Scott Mellis got his start in a heavy Metal Band and is currently recording a Hip-Hop Album.

Day or night you can find him walking around in a poncho with a parrot on his shoulder; stealing kisses with peanut butter breath from too much cake!

Come on… Read more to find out what we are really talking about.

Fresh Independence recently caught up with The Talented Mellis on all things Music and not.

1. Home is where your story begins tell us a bit about yours?

I grew up on the East Coast of Australia in a small-ish town called Caloundra, it’s known for beautiful beaches and a really large reptile park.


2. When did you first discover your love for Music?

 When I was 10 years old a neighbor taught me the 4 power chords to “Smells like Teen Spirit.”

Scott Black

3. You started off in a heavy metal band, how did your musical style evolve so gracefully?

 I actually played bass in that metal band and somehow was convinced into singing, I am kinda glad that happened, but I would like to think I am always evolving especially with the new record I am making, it’s a collaborative effort with a guy that primarily makes hip hop records.

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