Merry Christmas 🎄


I can’t believe that December is already upon us – time is passing so quickly and I’m left wondering have I truly made all these moments count?
Becoming documentary film makers has been one of the grandest decisions in our extraordinary adventures with Fresh Independence.

As we weave the fabric of ‘Selfless’ together we remember, how friends old and new have impacted this journey with the delicate, yet bold threads of colour they bear.
You are no exception and this Christmas season I want to share some thoughts right here.

In a technicolour reflection I would like to hit the replay button and watch myself as a Director – leaping with ease and grace over hurdles never believed possible – but truth is if I slow the frame down I will see a woman sometimes crawling other times holding on – but smiling and inspired for the momentum found.

Having learned we will never reach the finish line without proper tools in our dream box – purpose in hand – heart tucked safely in pocket – and will to fuel us forward.
I can’t shake the feeling ‘Selfless’ has been placed upon our hearts to help it find wings to fly. That we’ve been left on our own so long to protect the pureness of the concept, allowing it to grow organically. Learning much in this process, and though there are miles yet to go – we are going there.

Funny I don’t recognize myself at times – I don’t often stop to look in the mirror much these days, because self reflection is something much deeper now.
Happy for roads less traveled and ventured upon because they have led us to you, and special moments we’ve shared whether big or small – each imprinting upon and bringing us to this place of gratitude.

This year I’ve come to understand that growing pains are simply that – and on the other side of anything difficult is a better version of yourself – surrounded by kindred spirits – hearts dancing to the beat of hope – and souls rejoicing for the connection of something imperfectly perfect.

No encounter is ever lost in time for each imprint on the essence of who we are and gently (or not) point us to that place we are needed most.

On a recent shoot some words found scribbled on a wall resonated within: ‘If knowing is half the battle – then what is the other half?’
May we each rise to our calling as more moments turn to days, to weeks, to another year.

I hope these words find your heart running over with peace – love and joy this season.

Merry Christmas my beautiful friend.🎄
Kim Laureen

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The Wistfulness of MAY – New York

‘If I can say anything it is to be authentic and stay true to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times people have tried to tell me to try something different.’


Every once in a long while an artist appears on the scene with a voice and essence rare to come by present day.
Classy, thoughtful and filled with smouldering passion is MAY – Australian native, currently crushing the music scene in New York City.
The best is definitely yet to come for this timeless beauty.




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Leon Bridges Restores Faith

Photo Credit: Rambo

L E O N   B R I D G E S 

Just when all began to feel lost – along came Leon Bridges to lead us to the river of hope offering all thirsty souls a drink of possibility. In a modern day disposable society where anything seems to go and does, he restores faith in the human spirit. Our greatest wish for him is that he will always hold on to that sense of wonder that whispers deeply within, and began with those first steps such a short time ago in August 2014. His fresh presence is long overdue as he imprints on the hearts of  faithfulness.

Catch Leon Bridges in Vancouver Tues Novemeber 3rd 7:00 Commodore Ballroom

I feel like I’m paving out my own path.  People are very positive about what I’m doing and receiving it pretty well. I had one guy who told me “I love what you’re doing, but why don’t you do a little more funk?” And that’s not a bad thing, but that’s just not what I do. I’m more on the smooth side of soul. I’m coming from a Ginuwine and Usher background, slow and smooth songs. And that’s why I really connected to Sam Cooke, because he was just very smooth. It’s not like the James Browne types, which is all great stuff, but he was totally set apart from those guys.

a leon bridges guitar 

I had never thought of recording straight to tape before meeting [White Denim guitarist-producer] Austin Jenkins. I just wanted to record and get some songs down. When Austin first met me, he just said, ‘I love your sound, I want to record everything to tape and just really capture that 1950s/1960s sound.” The first session made me realize that this is what I need to do. It was such a good feeling being in the great room with all of the musicians, me and the backup singers in the same room, the musicians playing at the same time. You just really feed off of everybody’s energy and vibe. If you screw up the take, you do it again, you get the take and it’s good.

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