Past meets present

We are happy to say that we have grown past the out of focus shots, and tin can audio, but we look back with nostalgia on the days that gave us our start, knowing we would not be here if it were not for there. 

Where there is music, we will always be, and where there is film there is a soundtrack that evokes a core piece of our hearts.

Here are a few that inspired us along the way. 

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Lindsay Kupser- Boston, USA I Calgary, Canada


From a very young age my mother noticed my affinity for matching pitch and memorizing lyrics and melodies when I would sing along to her CDs in the car. She is very musical and loved singing, so she recognized that and put me in some children’s choirs to develop it, and my love for singing and performing was very much a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I always took music more seriously than anything else, and I think I always knew it was going to be my career in the back of my mind, but I made the conscious decision to pursue it professionally and post-secondarily when I was about 16 I think. 

L I N D S A Y  K U P S E R

Where are you writing this right now?

On the flowery couch in the living room of the little red house I’m staying in for the summer in Cambridge, MA! 

Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is quite a large city in Western Canada of over 1 million people. It’s an oil and gas industry-run city, so it was quite an interesting place to grow up in the sense that the city was always reasonably prosperous and didn’t really get hit too hard by the recession, but I felt it was lacking heavily in art and culture in my youth. I didn’t appreciate Calgary while I was there, and I felt I needed to leave in order to become the musician I wanted to be, which now I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but it’s what I did and I’m glad for it. To Calgary’s credit, every time I go back home I notice a beautiful and tangible improvement in the art and music scene, and this is due to some incredible artists there who are working their asses off to make sure art is prospering and a more vital part of the city. Although I was eager to leave, I really miss Calgary sometimes and I always enjoy the short time I have there. 

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Your latest release: The Boston EP. Tell us more about the inspiration behind the music.

All of the 6 songs on the EP are songs I wrote either in Boston while attending Berklee College of Music or about my experiences in Boston, excluding “It Hurts,” which I wrote when I was 16 but rediscovered after not playing it for several years while at school. I would say it’s fairly broad in terms of theme – each song is about a different person or feeling or experience – but they all have Boston in common, and it felt appropriate to title it as such. They are songs about trying to navigate life and relationships and people who don’t treat you well and missing people, specifically as a slightly anxious young person. 

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