Good Grief Charlie Brown – We Love You

(I wanted to rerun this as Halloween is not the same without the Great Pumpkin – Still can not help but feel that Charles Schulz did something so very right)

Had the privilege of taking in The Peanuts Movie and couldn’t help feeling that Charles Schulz would be so proud of his son Craig and grandson Bryan with the beautiful homage paid to him and the characters he so lovingly created.

The particular animation and vibrant colour they fought for set an ambience that took every Peanuts lover back to the excitement of days gone by – holiday specials with Charlie Brown and those delicious Kraft commercials.

Staying true to Charles’ vision it was refreshing to see not an iphone, ipod or any other technological device in sight. Instead relying on colour, dialogue and sound effects to lead the way.

This screen play was written by Cornelius Uliano who honoured the storyline and as Bryan Schulz said “If you change one line it’s not a Peanuts comic strip. If you need inspiration you go back and look at the old comic strips Grandpa had done.”

“Peanuts” comic strip “isn’t a laugh-out-loud strip, it’s a chuckle strip. I told them that this is sophisticated humor. You almost had to grow up with my dad to be able to write this movie.” Craig Schulz said.

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Jess Lambert – Seattle Washington

The best part of what we do is being invited into stories from the heart. With a voice that echoes through all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Jess Lambert proves that she is no Creature of Fear but a survivor in every sense of the word. We are not defined by our challenges but how we rise up and imprint on others with the very best of who we are. Get her full digital album here. – Fresh Independence


Home is where your story begins … please tell us a little about yours.

Home is just north of Seattle. I live with a Labradoodle named Frodue, and a human named Chad. Guitars and music gear are strewn about the living room, and the walls are covered in framed posters of Cash, Davis, and Gillespie. It’s rarely quiet here. Music is usually flowing out of speakers or being strummed on guitar strings. This is where Creature of Fear was recorded.

How did music find you…

Music must have found me at a very young age because I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with it. I always loved to sing but was too scared to sing in front of anyone, my voice usually managed to lodge somewhere in my throat. While growing up I wanted to write songs, but I didn’t play an instrument so I wrote poetry instead. When I was twenty-three I was given a guitar for my birthday. I started writing songs as soon as I was able to play a few chords.

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