Lay Low with Lou Doillon

I knew I was going to like Lou Doillon’s LP, ‘Lay Low’ from the moment her fingers delicately set the mood from the sound of the keys in opening track, ‘Left Behind.’

It is apparent that we have been left behind at Fresh Independence because we were not familiar with the success of Parisian Lou’s previous LP, ‘Places’ selling over three-hundred thousand copies worldwide.


I don’t dare to compare, but upon first thought, it was a refreshing version of Adele meets Regina Spektor and Sia.

The ambience of the mind provokes a dim room overlooking the city lights with a glass of wine as the record player cues your new favourite album of repetitive measure.

Lou Dillon is a free flowing taste of sultry jazz and sweet afterthoughts.

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REVIEW: Hozier in Vancouver

Hozier 7

‘Babe There is something lonesome about you, something so wholesome about you, get closer to me.’

Those lyrics seem to define the very essence of whom Hozier is and what your heart can not deny he was simply born to do.

Hozier 9
Feeling a little overwhelmed and star struck yesterday entering the stage door of The Orpheum and walking down the hall to his interview. First thing that caught our eye was the colourful signs that pointed out the proper dressing room destinations for all involved. Uncertain of what lay ahead and apprehensive as to whether we could connect with this artist in the short time slot allotted we were armed and ready to chisel away at the task at hand.
We quickly set up while he was finishing an interview with CBC and as if all at once he was standing in the doorway extending a hand and a smile as a refreshing gift that broke down every barrier we may have anticipated. 
Genuine in his interactions and respectful of all those that work with him he is a thoughtful young man that makes you want to see him succeed to great heights yet never lose what makes him who he is.
So sweet upon exit to see some fans lined up to meet him and we knew their tender young hearts would be won over by his presence.

Hozier 11
Day turned to night as the streets of Granville came to life while scalpers hustled tickets to this sold out show and the pre show line up was filled with good energy and expectancy. We got to visit with a Jack Russell rocking a custom made Metallica coat and interacting with his owner heavy metal style and endearing us to the life that breathes good vibrations making our city so unique. One girl went by brushing her hand along the side of his bus singing ‘Take Me To Church’ while another said it is her favourite Hozier song and in truth it made you feel that they were in for something bigger than they could imagine, because he is larger than any hit song on any playlist. He is full of colour so rich and vibrant that is hard to hold it all in one picture.
Thinking ahead and not getting lost in the moment he mentioned earlier in the day ‘the true test is not what is happening now but will people want to listen to a second album all the way through.’ We say ‘have no fear, stay true to who you are, and your gift will only keep growing stronger.’

Hozier 10

Hozier 6

Hozier 2

Hozier delivered a show that grabbed you from the first note of Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene’ and just held you there until he bid farewell 80 minutes later. His ensemble was comfortable in his washed out jean jacket and his hunter green flannel with black boots that are on an incredible journey around the world. But it isn’t these things that matter it is the smile that will never grow old and the life in his eyes full of stories yet to be told. He stands tall at the pulpit while his music and undemanding presence command you to sit up and partake with the choir in all the splendour and love of his congregation.

Hozier 8

Andrew Hozier-Byrne makes it all appear effortless delivering his own kind of cool with a trustworthy show free of dirty words and washing you clean with his rhythm and lyrics that will not fail you. His ticket is worth it’s weight in gold and we look forward to all the good memories in music and want to say thank you Hozier for making us believers in singing from the heart.

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Sun Culture- Nashville, TN

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.46.16 PM

What could the world use more of? -Always more cowbell.

Letting go means leaving something behind.


Title track, ‘Crooked Line’ sets the tone for a revival and caustic ambience to lure the ears into Sun Culture.

Crafts the perfect soundtrack for hot summer days.  

Sun Culture 2

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton Photography

Sun Culture, a distinctive name. Tell us more:

 The whole idea for this project centered around fun music that had a summery vibe to it. I was thinking a lot about beaches and sunny days when we worked on this music.

How did Music find you?

I have always loved writing songs, and began pursuing that at a young age. I eventually signed with a major label as a solo artist and released a record, then returned to my first love: making music independently. That’s how Sun Culture was born.

 Does your musical inspiration derive from Nashville?

Nashville inspires me in many ways. I get to soak in the amazing music scene here and listen to all kinds of great new bands and songs, and I am also motivated by the immense pool of talent here, both as a songwriter and a producer.


Sun Culture, where was it recorded? Was the Album culminated to tell a story as a whole, or a compilation of eight songs over time?

 Sun Culture was one of the last records to come out of Fantasy Land Studio in Gallatin, TN before they moved to their new location in Nashville. My friend Jordan and I co-produced the record, and we wrote most of the songs while we were in the studio. As a result, I think this album is very much a snapshot of a moment in time for me.

 Would you share a story behind one of the songs?

Crooked Line is particularly meaningful to me because it speaks to how difficult it is to start over with something new. In many ways, this is how I felt about making the record. I was scared to start something new, and I knew it would take a lot of work, but I knew it was worth it. When we sat down to discuss the order of the songs, this was a clear choice to open the album.

 What does the perfect summer day look like to you?

 I’d love to be sipping lemonade outside with good friends and something delicious on the grill.

 Everyone is always looking for new music. Shout-out to who you cannot get enough of lately: 

 I’ve been really digging the new Magic Man and Strange Talk albums. Both very solid.

Sun Culture 5

 How did/have you grown as a songwriter since the Sun Culture Album?

 I tried to tackle some more complex topics on this record than what I’ve written in the past and tried to draw inspirations from some unexpected places.

There are hints that Sun Culture will be releasing a new single, ‘Young Blood.’ What is the essence behind this song?

 The song is all about the feeling of being young and invincible. It’s about those nights where you think you could can take on the world and win.

When in Nashville you must…

Visit Pancake Pantry! It just doesn’t get better than a good batch of fresh pancakes.

Sun Culture is hosting a Dinner Party. Fill in the blanks…

The dinner party is at Panda Express, because I have a serious addiction. I arrive in my spacious yet gas-efficient Kia Soul, wearing shorts and a tee along with the most glorious set of Crocs your eyes have ever beheld. I walk through the door with a Russian supermodel on my arm, much to the surprise of Abraham Lincoln, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and of course Juan Pablo. We listen to three copies of Yeezus on repeat, while drinking the finest Italian wines, coupled with value meals from Taco Bell. If the conversation is lacking, I simply attempt to present Ms. Swift with an award, then sit back and enjoy.

Sun Culture 3

Sun Culture has always wondered why?

Sun Culture has always wondered why not.

On a final note: A quote or piece of advice that will always stay with you?

 “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I cannot tell you how much this means to me. It really is true, pursue your passions and find a way to support yourself doing what you love.


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Leo Leo- Boston, MA & Los Angeles, CA


We will always be a little bit different.. You know, kind of an awkward cool. Someday, it’s going to be in “style”. But if not, who cares.

Leo*Leo is a post-modern mishmash of poly-stylistic pop with a taste for wry humor, imagination, and warmer climates. The duo is comprised of long-time friends, Vanessa Wheeler (songs/guitars/lead vocals) and Sarah Hope (drums/electronics), and their unique blend of supple melodies and unexpected harmonic turns led Maimed and Tamed to call them, “equal parts warpaint, beach house, and tennis.”

Sweet and Psychedelic this is Leo*Leo…

Assuming you are both Leo’s. What are the pro’s and con’s to sharing this sign?

Sarah and I can’t really hide anything from each other. Our communication has to be transparent or it just doesn’t work. We have grown together and realize that, despite both being sensitive and sometimes short-tempered people, when it’s time to get down to collaboration we are in service of the music and leave our egos aside. This has been a very positive aspect for us professionally and personally. Other than that, we basically like all of the same things. 

How did Music find each of you and bring you together?

(V) This is strange to think about because I don’t have memories when I was ever without music. My grandmother played violin and my mother sings and plays both guitar and piano. I sang in a school choir as a kindergartner and started taking piano lessons when I was in fourth or fifth grade, switched to classical guitar when I was about 13 years old, and I think I stuck with that instrument because of it’s intimate nature – you can play it anywhere. 

(S) Like Vanessa, music has been in my life since I was a little, little girl (age 4, piano lessons with Sister Mary). I studied piano until college and quickly became curious about the process of recording music and the electronic magic behind analogue pedals and gear. I landed myself an engineering gig in a local Boston studio and was immersed in the whole process of making records from 2” tape to Pro Tools.  It wasn’t until my twenties when I played my first drum-set that I got hooked. Seriously hooked. I knew I needed to be performing and recording music.

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