The Palms – A Band You Will Fall For Over and Over Again

It was a windy spring break 2014 at Venice Beach, when we first met up with Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti – key players in the then band Terraplane Sun.
Nothing not to love about this ensemble of good souls and a sound that would make any lover of music cry for more.

Then it seems that life has a way of coming along and shuffling us all into the spots we are meant to shine – hence The Palms.


The Palms

When the chemistry is right anything is possible. Ben Rothbard has a voice you don’t come by often but once heard, stays with you wherever you go. Johnny lights up the room on guitar and nobody can replace the vibe and vision uniquely his own that makes this collaboration click.

‘I really believe in our body of work and I am behind it 100% – all the way.’

Ben Rothbard

The Palms bring a pineapple express kind of breeze – lending inspiration , freedom and escape to the average heart. Their honest lyrics about standing up for yourself and staying true – delivered with their downtown vibe – makes the essential pains of growing a lot more fun.

A new project – new vibes and lots of new music for all to enjoy. So much ahead for these guys and you don’t want to miss a thing.

I had the chance to catch up with them this week in Los Angeles on their way to the studio to see how they are feeling about where they are at right now.

Be sure to experience The Palms the month of February during their residency at The Satellite – the best place in Los Angeles for live music.

Check out their rad

The Palms Music Instagram

A Palms Music Backs

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Terraplane Sun Is Venice Beach

” Not very often does a voice come along with such distinctive raw honesty as that of Ben Rothbard, and the beat that backs him up rocks you to your soul. Terraplane Sun the band to watch out for in 2014.” – Fresh Independence

The future is bright for Terraplane Sun.

Straight up from Venice Beach, California and led by the voice of frontman Ben Rothbard, their music creates an ambience that is undeniably vintage rock blues. Classic songs with a sound that makes even good girls want to groove and get lost in the night. We caught up with them in their stomping grounds and saw the place where their unique sound came to life and where the magic began to happen.

 1. How did Terraplane Sun come to be?

Luck, hard work, perseverance and a lot of Jack and sodas.

2. Tell us about your name.

It’s based off of an old Delta Blues song written by the great Robert Johnson.

A Terraplane

3. What is your musical style?

Feel good style!

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