The Janks- Los Angeles

Raw roots get to us every time; pleasantly surprised the moment we discovered The Janks. Perhaps an expected rough exterior broke down the moment the first chord struck and sublime lyrics spread across our hearts like wildfire. 

Meet The Janks 

Los Angeles woven and eclectically driven.

“My brother and I are in it for the long haul, so come and see us play before  you’re too old to hear music anymore…”

{All questions answered in this interview} by Zachary Zmed- Vocals/Guitar/Keys

Dylan Zmed- Vocals/Mandolin

Leon LeDoux- Drums

Paul Kilmister- Bass

“Our sound is based around our love and veneration for the close harmony tradition of The Everly Brothers, as well as the wide range of musical styles exemplified in bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, and Prince… to name a few. We put together music that comes from a very personal and yet objective place, and run it through what we consider to be a filter of pop sensibility.”

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