A Good Day

Today felt as quick as a dream.

We have been listening to Paolo Nutini since his debut Album, “These Streets” crossed our path in 2007.
If you know us; you would know we have probably pushed his music on you.
I remember in the earliest days setting up our lap top one night and turning out the lights to watch a concert online via and we just bobbed and grinned to the findings of his Scottish rasp and soulful sound.
On a vacation to California that year we played his Album on repeat every afternoon into evening by the pool and the neighbours would knock and leave notes for us to turn the music down, but of course we could never hear them!

Little fact: there is a secret stripped down version of the song, “Last Request” at the end of the album.
We climbed aboard his train 10 years ago and today we boarded the train to his home town of Paisley.
How could we not, when we had a couple days off. We took the train from Edinburgh to 20 mins. outside of Glasgow where we wandered down a lane to a Ma and Pop gem, “Castelvecchi” 10 New Street, Paisley
(The fish and chips are the best we have ever had by the way) soon as we walked up, we tried to somewhat wipe the permanent grins we were carrying, but it was impossible and yes, I will admit it, I soon felt that of super fan status.
So much of this trip has been trying to soak in the moments that I feel are passing by too quickly to catch. … long story short; we were there just to enjoy, but naturally always in film/storyboarding mode, Director Kim Laureen decided that we should ask the Nutini family if Paolo’s Mom would be interested in being part of a Music Documentary we have simmering on the burner.

We wrote our email on a napkin and built up the courage to give the waitress our elevator pitch. She said his Mom wasn’t around today, but his Dad the cook would come over! Alfredo, decided to call his wife to ask her then waved Kim over to speak with her and I cannot explain how much joy and laughter this moment brought.
Here you can see Kim trying to translate between the thick Scottish accent in the middle of the kitchen where we always and never dreamed to be.

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Get on Board with Passenger at the Orpheum Theatre Vancouver B.C.

a passenger music


P A S S E N G E R   M U S I C 

I stumbled upon Passenger some years back  clicking around  looking for something to light me up in the night. There’s a  familiarity inside his quirky lyrics as eccentric as any real life situation can be, delivered with a comforting voice that resonates deep inside that place which makes you feel alive. Effortlessly moving you from laughter to tears while ushering your heart through all the emotions you did not know were lingering so close.

Brighton born Mike Rosenberg learned his craft busking in the streets of Australia, America and the United Kingdom. A troubadour at heart, with a passion born from his soul, the songs speak for themselves and his endearing sense of storytelling is selling out crowds across Europe, America and beyond.


a passenger whispers

His latest album offering Whispers brings the listener to his thoughts present day, delightful and inspiring from the moment you pick it up. Simply the prettiest art work I have ever seen framing a body of music, filled with that bit of comfort and sensibility that resonates with those feelings of days gone by, but remain forever imprinted on your heart.

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Andy Palmer – Denver, Colorado

a andy palmerrr

Three years as a public defender in Brooklyn NY have provided Andy Palmer with perception, awareness & food for thought as he writes music with heart and delivers it to your soul. At a glance he is raw and gritty to the touch but spend some time and he will ‘take it all down’ and soften all your rough edges.  

Fans to be sure  –  Fresh Independence

Andy Palmer

Age: 41

Where are you writing this: my home

Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

 Denver, CO.  I love the Rockies.  Quitting NYC, where I lived before I moved to Denver, was tough.  Love that city!  But the move turned out to be great for me personally and professionally.  I love my house and garden.  My family and I spend a lot of time in the dirt. 

a andy palmer

Describe your musical style.

 I play an ‘alternative, gritty folk rock’.  My songwriting begins on an acoustic guitar and my style emerged from lots of playing around campfires for friends.  With the full band, though, I like my sound to maintain an edge to the music and vocally, I’m more a fan of a deeper, smoky delivery.  It suits my lyrics better, which tend to speak to the plights of the little man – sometimes even the bad man. 

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