Tyler Lyle

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Time can make thoughts slip through the cracks, but the memory to your favourite soundtrack will never be forgotten. 

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Lydia Hol – Silver Bells

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L Y D I A   H O L  M U S I C 

Christmas the season of hope – offering a time to celebrate all that is good in this world.

Here with one of Vancouver’s most angelic voices, we bring you the beautiful Lydia Hol and her stripped down version of Silver Bells.

One of our favourite traditions is on Christmas Eve my Dad pulls out the video camera and we each share something special that has passed. My Mom takes out her calendar and goes through month by month and it brings us all back to remember what we are thankful for.

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Andy Shauf

Fresh Independence goes behind the scenes with Andy Shauf at The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada. 

The Bearer Of Bad News Available Now

Silently humble, poetically deep. Long live mystery behind Rock n Roll.

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Kirsten Ludwig- Victoria, Canada

‘I craved distance – begging the landscape to be my only companion, my muse. I awoke in the palms of an existence larger than my comprehension and wider than my own soul. Slowly I was swallowed up by the ravenous ocean of time – a wander’s paradise. With ambivalent bones, words poured from them like my very blood – hot, passionate, relentless. I continue to exist within the realms of my own daydreams and night dreams – pining, longing, creating, admiring, and drifting.’

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From a young age, Kirsten Ludwig has been painting blank pages with words of reflection and heartache – as well as colouring the still air of her home, in Calgary, AB, with other-worldly melodies. At the age of 21, Kirsten continues to surprise listeners with her thought-provoking and poetically driven lyrics that seem to be written by the fingertips of a soul that has been around for much longer. With a mixture of mature lyrics, hauntingly crisp vocals, and catchy punchlines, Kirsten defies the boundaries of pop with a musical perception that transcends the expected and conventional. Her sound leaves you wandering through a dark forest with only the moonlight to guide you. 


At age 18, Kirsten Ludwig departed to Boston, MA for a 5 week intensive music program at the Berklee College of Music – studying voice. With the heat of the Boston summer nights still lingering in her soul, she released her freshman EP the following year (2012) titled The Tip of the Iceberg and included the song ‘Boston’ as the fourth track. Becoming a crowd favourite, the song combines the best efforts of Kirsten’s finest work – a balance between the sweet catchiness of a pop song and the quiet lyrical longing of a past memory. From the hand-painted cover artwork to the content of the songs, Kirsten was the main provider for the self-released project and continues to have a tight grasp on her future projects.

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