Midnight Pilot- Nashville, TN


The self-titled debut Album is a pivotal composition of being on the flip side of a relationship. One doesn’t always understand until you have been there, but you have to push on and this album works through all emotions: sad and true. We don’t always know where to begin, but through sorrow is born great things and this was meant to happen to promote a heart work, relatable, and groundbreaking entrance.

At the end of the day isn’t this what music is all about: Picking yourself up, getting lost, and resonating with what feels right.

Midnight Pilot’s music just feels right. 


Home is where your story begins, tell us a bit about yours?

Midnight Pilot: Grant, Kris and Kyle’s families all have original roots in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle. Although we all moved to Iowa at a VERY young age (in fact some of us weren’t even born yet), we still have a piece of Seattle in our hearts. Grant, Kris and Kyle all grew up in Iowa for the early part of their life and then moved to Michigan in elementary school. Holland, Michigan has really been home for us for quite some time. We love it there. It is a beautiful part of the country filled with a bunch of quality people. We still frequently visit our families and friends there as well as playing some local shows. Meanwhile, Dustin, our keyboard player, spent his life in Grand Junction, CO. Very different from Holland, MI but still incredibly beautiful and also filled with amazing people. In 2013-2014 the entire band moved to Nashville, TN to get Midnight Pilot going on the right foot. It has proven to be a great choice for us, and we love it here.

How did, ‘Midnight Pilot’ and the name come to be?

Midnight Pilot: We actually have been playing music together for a very long time under a different name (Ringer T). When we relocated to Nashville, TN we decided that a name change would be a good way for us to kind of kick start this new beginning. After a crazy amount of time and energy spent going through name after name, Grant finally came across a World War II book called “Flyboys” where these fighter pilots where actually called “Midnight Pilots.” We liked the sound better of dropping the “s” and so we went with Midnight Pilot. Our look kind of has that retro feel to it and the sound reminds us of cruising… So we thought the name fit us well. Grant Geertsma sings, writes the songs, and plays mainly guitar. Kyle Schonewill plays Lead guitar as well as keys, trumpet, and percussion. Kris Schonewill plays Bass guitar. And Dustin Wise plays Organ and other key parts. We are currently in between drummers.

The self-titled debut lay it all on the table: Take us behind the creation of the Album and the heartbreak that cleansed your soul.

Grant: The inspiration behind the album was to really create something we felt fulfilled us musically. We have been making records for very long time and this one is kind of a culmination of the past decade of work we’ve done. 

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It’s A Cold October- Behind The Music with Escondido


Cold October is about picking yourself up after a break-up.  It’s about how hard it is to leave someone you love even though you know it’s for the best.  The verses are reminiscent of good times and memories… coming to grips with where it went wrong.  But once the chorus hits we lay out the truth.. “The old you still had a foot in the door but the new you is already gone.”  I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this song. Musically speaking, Cold October is a frankenstein of a couple songs.  Jess had written a song called Cold October with our friend Leanne… we took that chorus and made it a verse and an old unused song of mine became the new chorus.  We ended up re-writing all the lyrics but we kept the title because it’ a good metaphor for both sides. – Tyler James / Escondido 


Been wrapping up the new record… It will be out next year but we’ll give ya some sneak peaks in the coming months. xo

Cold October

(Jessica Maros, Tyler James, Leanne Ford) 

miles down the highway i called you on the phone
couldn’t bring myself to tell you when i had you all alone
’cause I loved you like a summer’s day those nights spent in your arms
I said i’d never leave you, guess i’ll be doing you some harm

’cause that’s the old me talking, the new me’s walking
loved you until the truth came knocking darlin’
it’s a cold october
that’s the old me talking, the new me’s walking
some hearts are just made for locking darlin’
its a cold october

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Riley Etheridge Jr. – New York City

Riley Etheridge Jr. / Americana Roots / Rock Ridge Music

“I really cherish my relationship with the fans. I remember a gig in North Carolina. During the third or fourth song people came down from their seats and danced. It just lifted all of us up, it was fun, and I realized a new way I could connect with people.”

Name:  Riley Etheridge Jr.

Where are you writing this:  Battery Park City, New York

 a bat

 1. Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

Home is now NYC- but my heart still thinks of South Carolina, Louisiana and California as home because of the meaningful periods of my life I spent in each location.


2. How would you best define your musical style?


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Matthew Mole- Cape Town, South Africa

I try to live my life a little differently to the way most people think it should be done. For me, music is very closely linked to that. I like to try and bring my hopes and beliefs through that. What I aim to achieve is for people be affected by my music – in a great way, a way that will make them think about where they’re at. Something that everyone can relate to.

a mattt

A Fresh Independence favorite of 2014. Only good things to come from this one… 

 Home is where your story begins, tell us a bit about yours?

My Dad taught me how to play guitar. For years I would learn how to play any song I heard. Years later I started writing my own songs. When I finished school I studied music production where I realised that I wanted to write and perform my songs quite a lot.

How did Just Music find you?

Renee Frouws, this amazing photographer, sent some of my stuff to the great people of Just Music. They got in contact with me and we met up. I really loved everything about Just Music, so we signed the deal.

Which Band/ Artist was your first concert & what do you remember most about that moment?

A Hog Hoggidy Hog headline show. Punk Ska at it’s best. I found myself in the middle of a wild mosh-pit and by the time it was over I had lost one of my really nice vans shoes.

Shout-out to your current favorite Band or Artist?

High Highs. I love that band!

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