Jesse Kinch – Long Island NY

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” Jim Morrison returns but with all the character he was lacking in his haze. Far beyond his 20 years Jesse Kinch a real ‘thinker’ shows his generation the best of the old and the new. Watch him go… ”  – Fresh Independence

 Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

I consider myself really fortunate…I grew up in a very loving, musical, and free spirited household. I never felt any pressure to be something I wasn’t. It was always what I wanted to be that mattered and I’m always grateful for that. My parents were always very supportive of my musical dreams. I have to say that my fondest memories in my home are the ones that involve music. There was always music playing every single day…everything from 60’s to 90’s rock…and other than rock, there were many other kinds of music being played like soft ballads from Sarah Brightman or Andrea Bocelli. When I was a child, I always remember waking up to music and closing my eyes to music…I was introduced to one great song after another. I also recall watching a lot of concerts on T.V. with my family. A few I can think of off the top of my head are Stevie Nicks live at red rocks, Yanni, Jimi at Monterey, Fleetwood Mac’s “The Dance”, and Rage against the Machine live in Mexico City. Those were my favorites! Growing up in my home was the reason I was exposed to so many different artists at such a young age. When I think about it, the word “home” is very special to me. I don’t feel that it has just one superficial meaning. It is where I heard my first song, played my first note, sang my first song, wrote my first song, and most importantly, it was a place I always felt most secure and creative.

How do you best describe your musical style?

I feel that many things coincide with each other to make up my musical style. Every song I’ve ever loved, every lyric and voice that has touched my soul, every experience that sits in my memory… I think that all subconsciously comes out of me when I perform and write. It all makes up who I am. When I perform, I put absolutely all my energy into my vocal and playing. I always found myself attracted to the singers who would belt out a song with every ounce of passion they have in their soul. Every song I sing on stage seems to stir up certain emotions and feelings that I never express or show in person…so I let it all out right there in that moment…and naturally just lose myself in the music. Even when I record, I make sure I put that same passion and energy into the song just as I do on stage. When it comes to my songs…I feel my style is something melodic, driving, and kind of dark…I think in general that’s the type of music I’ve always listened to. Dynamically, I think a lot of my songs start off softer, then gradually build into something heavier…I can also completely transition from singing something driving and intense to singing a soft ballad. I absolutely love ballads…Since I was little I could listen to something so soft and beautiful and then put on a rock song. I think it is so important to have a ballad or two in the mix of an album or a show…It adds to the dynamics and… really….I would feel one dimensional without listening or singing ballads.

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 Tell us a little about how the song writing process works for you.

I’ll sit in my sanctuary…my music room…alone…free…just me and my guitar…strum a few open chords and I’ll hum a melody. If that melody catches my ear, it’s a song. Usually after that, I start to sing syllables, then syllables turn into words, which turns into a lyric that makes sense and means something to me. For some reason music and melody always come first, but I always feel that if you come up with something really melodic, you need a strong lyric to compliment the music and melody. It’s the icing on the cake, you know? Sure…the boxer by Simon and Garfunkel has a nice melody and guitar pick, but what would it be without “I am just a poor boy though my story’s seldom told…I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises”. Also like I said before…I feel that everything I listen to subconsciously comes out of me when I write. Usually the night before I come up with something, I listen to a lot of my favorite records. As a writer, listening to music and lyrics is some of the best inspiration I can have.

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Bridge City Hustle- Brooklyn, NY

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Photo Credit: Derek Sexton Horani 


This was sort of the crossroads for all of our musical influences. We come from a variety of backgrounds, jazz, funk, pop, rock…but soul music was the one language that we all knew and respected. Especially in a time with so much homogenized music in the pop and radio world, we have something to say that is a bit more raw, something the average person can understand.

Johnny Burgos, Lead Vocals/ Percussion
Dave Zerio, Drums/ Keys
Pete O’neill, Bass/ BG Vocs
John Bendy, Guitar
Dan Cherouny, Alto Sax/ BG Vocs

How did Bridge City Hustle come to be?

Bridge City Hustle actually started out as a group of session musicians backing up local talent in the NYC area. We ended up ​playing so many shows together as sidemen, we developed a natural  r​ap​port, and decided to persue our common language which was soul music.

When did Music become a purpose over a passion?

Well many people feel passion for music, but there is so much more that goes into turning a love into a movement, or into a career. It was very easy for us to communicate musically, but when it comes to getting a bunch of musicians on the same schedule to work, rehearse, and write, it can be difficult.

​Although​ seeing the response from our fans both during our kickstarter campaign, as well as at shows has really inspired our work ethic and sense of commercial awareness. We’re excited to see how it effects the sound of our new material.

The Debut EP! What was the inspiration behind the Album? Where was it recorded? Self produced? 

* All such talented musicians, behind the scenes as well. Does it ever feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen?

I think we were inspired first of all by each other – it takes a while to find musicians in a city so big that you feel you can create with. New York City is a big inspiration as well….living in a place where you have to Hustle all the time just to make ends meet pushes you to see how far you can take a passion. Otherwise, we’re trying to emulate our heroes and contribute something that we feel is filling a hole in the current musical landscape.

Our writing and production process is very collaborative. With the majority of us also being producers and engineers based out of NYC’s FLUX Studios, the recording process is usually a bit of a geek fest, nonetheless, super fun. We recorded most of the EP in a day of tracking at Flux with head engineer, Daniel Sanint and spent a few weeks doing some overdubs. We then tracked “​Mama​” and “​Can’t Let Go​”​again with John Bendy on guitar.

The EP highlights the expertise that each of us bring to our craft, and our recordings bring out attention to detail that we consider to be our standard. Similar to the music, we utilize vintage techniques in production and recording in order to maintain a clean, contemporary sound. We all bring an equal amount of creativity to the writing process, whether it be a riff, a progression or a groove as well as the personal touches we put on our parts.

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Riley Etheridge Jr. – New York City

Riley Etheridge Jr. / Americana Roots / Rock Ridge Music

“I really cherish my relationship with the fans. I remember a gig in North Carolina. During the third or fourth song people came down from their seats and danced. It just lifted all of us up, it was fun, and I realized a new way I could connect with people.”

Name:  Riley Etheridge Jr.

Where are you writing this:  Battery Park City, New York

 a bat

 1. Home is where your story begins, please tell us a little about yours.

Home is now NYC- but my heart still thinks of South Carolina, Louisiana and California as home because of the meaningful periods of my life I spent in each location.


2. How would you best define your musical style?


a rr 

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Matthew Mole- Cape Town, South Africa

I try to live my life a little differently to the way most people think it should be done. For me, music is very closely linked to that. I like to try and bring my hopes and beliefs through that. What I aim to achieve is for people be affected by my music – in a great way, a way that will make them think about where they’re at. Something that everyone can relate to.

a mattt

A Fresh Independence favorite of 2014. Only good things to come from this one… 

 Home is where your story begins, tell us a bit about yours?

My Dad taught me how to play guitar. For years I would learn how to play any song I heard. Years later I started writing my own songs. When I finished school I studied music production where I realised that I wanted to write and perform my songs quite a lot.

How did Just Music find you?

Renee Frouws, this amazing photographer, sent some of my stuff to the great people of Just Music. They got in contact with me and we met up. I really loved everything about Just Music, so we signed the deal.

Which Band/ Artist was your first concert & what do you remember most about that moment?

A Hog Hoggidy Hog headline show. Punk Ska at it’s best. I found myself in the middle of a wild mosh-pit and by the time it was over I had lost one of my really nice vans shoes.

Shout-out to your current favorite Band or Artist?

High Highs. I love that band!

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