True Love Is…

A favourite question in our interviews with answers cut straight from the heart. 

Adam Cohen-  A state, a place, a noun a verb, the most beautiful word that you ever heard- A line from Hallelujah, Jesus and Buddha, love is a faded sign that you don’t see sometimes. 

Hozier-  Something tangible & real – to love someone as a human being

MAY- I believe that true love is honest, unwavering and immortal.

Marcus Foster- True Love is… Hard to find.

Caitlin Crosby- SERVICE. Selfless. Sacrifice

Brandon Malone- Loving someone right where their at, while inspiring one another to be more.

Ben Rothbard- Empowering the one you love.

Rayland Baxter- – True Love is… true Love is… a couple walking around their neighborhood after dinner hoLding hands and wanting nothing but each other… true Love is a huge fight… true Love is what the worLd and all her inhabitants are born with… its a feeLing that i cant expLain… its the most speciaL type of excitement.

Nicholas & the Pessimistics- When you would rather have a bad day with someone over a good day without them.

JP Maurice- For Lovers

Yamir- Understanding, trust, valuing one another, and passion.

Mick Evans- Anything you can’t give up.

Andrew Maxwell Morris- Knowing that you are safe and with someone who completes you in every way. Like a blanket but a very comfy one!

Dave Cheetham- Something everyone one deserves and no one should have to settle for less.

Devin Cuddy- Hard to find, but out there, its a journey not a destination.

Zane Carney- A choice that has become fearlessly unconditional.

Matt Costa- A bottle of Brandy and a good guitar.

Lenka- It’s everywhere. Just let it in.

Francesca Tamellini- Painful

David Newberry- Irresistable

Blue Sky Miners- A myth. Love is all around.

Poor Remy- “True love” now that we’re reading it seems kind of redundant. When you find truth, you find love. I think thats true with anything. Thats why love is so powerful, cause its true. 

Augustines- There are many kinds of love. A mother’s, a friends’, a lover, a wife’s, a brother’s.  True love?  Probably being connected with the life you are living, the actual life.  Not the life that is purchased or justified from the outside.

Griffin House- I honestly do not know.  That’s not a sexy answer, I know.  But it’s honest.  I should go look up “love” in the dictionary. That in and of it’s self would be an act of love, to me. Trying to find a proper definition is a great place to begin. I do know this.  I think I have had a bit of an incorrect definition of true love for most of my life. I think we look to other people to fill a big void in ourselves and we think that if we meet “the one” that we’ll feel happy forever and life will be wonderful.  But I don’t think that’s love, I think that is using another person to make yourself feel good.  The closest thing I could maybe venture to say is that true love is unconditional.

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The Wistfulness of MAY – New York

‘If I can say anything it is to be authentic and stay true to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times people have tried to tell me to try something different.’


Every once in a long while an artist appears on the scene with a voice and essence rare to come by present day.
Classy, thoughtful and filled with smouldering passion is MAY – Australian native, currently crushing the music scene in New York City.
The best is definitely yet to come for this timeless beauty.




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Add Some Jazz to Your Christmas Song Listening

Doug Hall

With the holiday’s season well upon us, we hear all our favorite and familiar Christmas songs – from the streaming radio stations in our cars, in stores, malls, and of course with friends and family at home or at festive parties. From Nate King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”(the first lines of which we know by heart) to Burl Ives tenor voice on “ Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and Perry Como’s “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” – to all the modern updates, including Elvis Presley’s crooning version “White Christmas” and of course, “Jingle Bell Rock”, the snap your fingers rocker sung by Bobby Helms – you can almost hear the verses in your head after the very first note or singer’s vocal introduction.

But a vast variety of another style of music remains largely un-explored during this Tis the Season to be Jolly songfest. Jazz composers and musicians of every period have contributed, over time, their own interpretation of the Christmas spirit in note scales and musical instruments not normally associated with holiday music.

With live streaming music available everywhere from so many sources (Pandora, Spotify, Groove Shark – to name a few) the sounds on the jazzy-side are well worth a spin, for a different take on familiar HO! HO! HO! songs.

Here are a few selections that can put you in the mood with a more subtle melody or tone or instrumental solo focus or stepped-up Big Band beat with foot-tapping swing:

Download away from your favorite digital source and put some jazz in your Yuletide!

1) “The Christmas Song” by Dexter Gordon
From The Panther! (Original Jazz Classics)

2) “Here Comes Santa Claus” by Ramsey Lewis
From Sound of Christmas (Chess/MCA)

3) “Jingle Bells” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
From Jingle Bell Swing (Columbia/Legacy)

4) “O’ Tannenbaum” by Vince Guaraldi
From A Charlie Brown Christmas (Fantasy)

5) “Good Morning Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald
From Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas (Verve)

6) “Christmas in New Orleans” by Louis Armstrong
From Hipster’s Holiday (Rhino)

7) “White Christmas” by Lee Ritenour
From A GRP Christmas Collection (GRP Records)

8) “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Tom Scott
From A GRP Christmas Collection (GRP Records)

9) “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by Chick Corea Elecktric Band
From A GRP Christmas Collection (GRP Records)

10) “Silver Bells” by Kevin Eubanks
From A GRP Christmas Collection (GRP Records)

So – Have yourself a very merry JAZZY Christmas time!!!!


The best part of what we do is meeting inspiring people like writer Doug Hall. His contributions are a blessing and bright light to Fresh Independence.

Meet Doug…

My lifelong passion for writing and literature (which are wed to each other) continues to stay active, with art and cultural freelance writing assignments for on-line entertainment web sites. Home has been New England, Rocky Mountains, and London and lots of places travelled through books and points of view. (publishing in and

“Creativity is a continual surprise.”
Ray Bradbury

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Buckcherry Rocks The Commodore – Vancouver

all photo credits: Fabrizio Belardetti

If these walls could talk The Commodore Ballroom would have stories to delight every music goer. The latest inscription is from seasoned veterans Buckcherry who played this big beautiful room Thursday November 5th to a crowd of hungry rockers. Laying it all out beckoning their followers to come hither into the land of no shame.

a buckcherry

a buckcherry 1

I don’t get all caught up in it. It’s just what I do. I’m passionate about it.

a buckcherry 3

 I’m pretty good at this… and there’s an audience for it. I’m just going after it. 

a buckcherry 5

a buckcherry 4

I love that you know they’re guitars in our music. It’s like you don’t hear guitars anymore. It’s so cool to hear it, and there needs to be more guitar heroes.

a buckcherry 6

a buckcherry 7

B U C K C H E R R Y . C O M 

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