Lots of Christmas Love From Fresh Independence

a sing with all your heart farm


As we look back to reflect upon the year and all that we are grateful for it seems that people come to mind. There are so many of you that have crossed our path each moving our spirits in a way we could never do alone.

For those that are new to us, Fresh Independence began just over three years ago with ‘two old souls ~ hearts full of reckless abandon’  and a vision to shine a little light with all that we do.

It has been a time of growth in every way you can imagine from shaky footage, uneven sound and bumping our way around an industry that in the beginning was so foreign to us. We continue to learn as we grow and our journey is a true testament that one should never feel afraid to try new things. Bring your heart and soul to all that you do, because you never know whose life you might touch or how the smallest experiences can shape yours into memories to last a lifetime.

Music, films from the heart and photos capturing memories are all things that bond us together.

There are so many exciting projects ahead as we ring in a new year – documentary films, musical moments and fashion look books. As we hit the open road to our next destination our greatest wish is that we may always hold onto the hunger, wonder and hope that we feel right now.

We appreciate your support more than you know and it inspires us to keep the good energy flowing. For those of you we are yet to meet we look forward to seeing you along the way.

Never forget that we can all do small things with great love and help to make this world a better place because we care.

Lots of Christmas love from your friends at,

Fresh Independence xo



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Buckcherry Rocks The Commodore – Vancouver

all photo credits: Fabrizio Belardetti

If these walls could talk The Commodore Ballroom would have stories to delight every music goer. The latest inscription is from seasoned veterans Buckcherry who played this big beautiful room Thursday November 5th to a crowd of hungry rockers. Laying it all out beckoning their followers to come hither into the land of no shame.

a buckcherry

a buckcherry 1

I don’t get all caught up in it. It’s just what I do. I’m passionate about it.

a buckcherry 3

 I’m pretty good at this… and there’s an audience for it. I’m just going after it. 

a buckcherry 5

a buckcherry 4

I love that you know they’re guitars in our music. It’s like you don’t hear guitars anymore. It’s so cool to hear it, and there needs to be more guitar heroes.

a buckcherry 6

a buckcherry 7

B U C K C H E R R Y . C O M 

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No One Can Rock It On Out Like Lenny

a lenny kravitz


We have never been ones to kick someone when they are down or bring dirty deets to light, but we had to make comment on this one. Have always been a fan of Lenny Kravitz’s music and love how he washes the new with an injection of retro and really is the epitome of cool. Not every guy can rock a pair of leather pants like he can and it must of been one of the most embarrassing moments of  his life when they split open during his performance the other night. Couldn’t be a worse time for something like this to happen as everyone has a camera these days and with social media on fire it has now been imprinted in the shallow books of modern history for all to google.

Yes these are the best and the worst of times and I have to agree with Lenny as he says that these photos are ‘a breach of his human rights.’ But in truth the damage has already been done – they have been screen shot – tweeted – face booked and tag lined to haunt him forever. My Dad always told me that you can do a hundred things right but you will always be remembered for the one thing you did wrong. In this case it was involuntary and the threads of modesty let him down.

We love you Lenny and have not saved any of the photos cos it’s just wrong — simply had a quick peek and have to say — ‘nobody can rock out with their cock out’ quite like you.

Here is to many more years of amazing music.

– Fresh Independence

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Fabrizio Belardetti Photos From The Heart & Soul

A Fabrizio Bellardetti

A picture says a thousand words then leaves us to wonder where they come from. Who is the artist and what inspires them to seek and capture images that have the ability to imprint on the human spirit in a way one never expected. In this journey called life even art has rules but the beauty in that is letting the heart break them when the timing feels just right. Do what you love – love what you do and always allow your ambition to match your ability. Then the stars have the opportunity to align just as they are meant to and the rest can be captured in a perfect moment to be enjoyed forever.

Get to know what inspires this Italian born, now living in the heart of Vancouver photographer – Fabrizo Belardetti

Home is where your story begins… please tell us a little about yours.

My story begins in Bologna, Italy, where I was born in 1976. I was quite an exuberant kid, very curious but a bit shy.
I remember I loved to play Lego, especially during the winter, and playing outside with my friends in the warmer months.
Bologna is the food capital in Italy. I remember watching my grandmother preparing “tortellini in brodo” on Sunday morning, what a display of knowledge and talent!
You need slim fingers and great skills to create the most amazing food out there. I learned how to cook healthy and delicious food, and I will never forget their gestures.
My academic background is scientific, as I graduated in Medical Biotechnologies, and took a Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics.

A Fabrizio 2

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