Everything Old Is New Again

It’s true that life turns in cycles and if you wait long enough ‘that thing’ will come round again. Next to Jack White we chant with enthusiasm for the return of vinyl albums. No digital image can replace that piece of artwork and the depth of it’s inner sleeve with all the secrets of time embellished right there. Album covers are the poster, the poem and the package for the project at hand.

This past Christmas, vinyl was on many a wish list and the first half of 2016 saw a 56% increase in sales which set the year up to be on track for the biggest record sales in over two decades.

a boy vinyl

But who’s buying all these records? According to industry researchers half of vinyl record buyers are under 25. They also find that men are more likely to buy LPs than are women, which might not come as a surprise given record collecting’s rep as a boys’ club.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.53.32 AM

Progress shows blending the best of the old with the new is a killer combo and with Apple Music & Spotify – one is able to test drive the music before they lay their money down. It’s very cool to feel the pendulum swing towards something we can really hold on to. Music is the universal language with the ability to cross a multitude of barriers and now more than ever, albums are a solid investment in the arts.

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He’s Earned the name Boss

photo credit: jo lopez

If you are a disciple of Bruce Springsteen then you may want to come in and make your self comfortable as we talk about what lights you up inside his music. His repertoire of songs have tapped and trickled into every  human emotion imaginable, traveling seamlessly across the map of time and imprinting on every memory that brought us here today.

He’s kept his eyes clear never allowing anyone or anything the ability to steal that which is most important to him – his music. Hence the practice of no alcohol before midnight during shows, choosing to be present inside the passion resonating from somewhere deep within, and inviting us to surrender completely inside the faithfulness of it all.

Truth be told Bruce is the greatest show on earth and I don’t believe you have fully lived until you have experienced him live. This notion has not come to be, simply by the chance of fate or experience but by his work ethic that outshines the average man.

Tom Morello who toured with him said it best when talking about what it was like working with The Boss.

The first time it really, really sunk in was, we were on the plane ride back from Australia, and Bruce was at his computer with his headphones on for the entire 16-hour flight… working. 

Hearing this I thought ‘wow here is a man that could and likely should be sleeping after a strenuous world tour, but instead he was buried deep into the next project. He has always had my heart but with this he has my utmost respect and is living proof that nothing good comes easy.  Do what you love and love what you do and everything else will follow.

Inviting you to share below what sticks with you about Bruce, the E Street Band and his music… 

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