Ruth Royall – Beauty in Bristol

I’ve always been passionate about song writing,  for me it’s a way of communicating. It’s my expression and how I interpret the world around me. – Ruth Royall

Singer – songwriter – performer and British beauty – Ruth Royall is headed California way, to work on her debut EP ‘Rapture’ .

Passionate about songwriting Ruth is bursting to share her new project with music lovers around the world.
Her effortless charm keeps hearts beating forever young – true testament to her silky smooth voice that washes you pure.
It was loads of cheeky fun to catch her live at Bristol Sessions and witness first hand the colour, spunk and personality she shares with her audience.

Great to catch up with her last week and learn about how music found this talented soul.

Here is your chance to support Ruth and get involved with the making of her debut offering ‘Rapture’ in Los Angeles, California.



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Peter Mulvey – Milwaukee Wisconsin

“People need this. I need this. To come together in a room, to try to make music come alive, for real, for right now, and then to let it go…that is the whole deal for me.” – Peter Mulvey

Your name: Peter Mulvey
Age: 44
Where are you writing this: Gate 14a, O’Hare Airport

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Photo credit: Jonathan Ryder 

1. Home is where your story begins please tell us a little about yours…

I’m headed there now, having spent the past two weeks in Alaska and New Mexico. Right now we’re losing the battle with driveway ice. It’s been a hard winter. Luckily it’s a small house, easy to keep it warm enough. It’s in my town, Milwaukee, where I’m mostly a civilian: I don’t play there much.

2. How would you best describe your musical style?

American music. There’s blues, rock and roll, roots, folk, even some jazz in it. Obviously there’s more than just that, too- I listen pretty widely. Poetry, post-modern classical, Joseph Campbell lectures, all added to Tom Waits, Radiohead, Los Lobos. And of course, my colleagues: Chris Smither, Kris Delmhorst, the Suitcase Junket, Anais Mitchell…

a peter 3

3. When did you know that music would be your journey?

Ever since I was little. What I do is all I’ve ever wanted to do for a living. Got a guitar at seven, was already hoping to play gigs.

4. Talk about how you have evolved or grown musically from the albums Rapture to Silver Ladder.

Oh, lord. Well, I suppose I’ve gotten less serious, more rock and roll. My lyrics have gotten way more direct, sometimes even blunt. I think there’s more humor in what I do now, more guts. Music can be pretty personal and I’ve grown out of a lot of the Tortured Artist guff that clings to sensitive young fellas.

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