Inspiration: The Man Behind the Mountain & the Film

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Every story begins some where and that where is here for us.

A friend & musical composer introduced us to this short film by cinematographer David Ehrenreich titled, “The Man Behind the Mountain” celebrating the life work of American Folk Artist Leonard Knight.

It imprinted on our hearts and lit a fire from within to seek stories that have the ability to make a difference to people.

“When I see a person that has taken such an isolated course in life – I always wonder what took you there. That’s the mystery about it – what took you there.”

The world is thirsty for some of the more simple things in life.

So sit down, take a drink, and remember that it’s where we go from here that matters most…

Amazing job and beautiful inspiration from the folks at Don’t Sleep Productions

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Noel – Birmingham, AL


Formerly of the White Oaks, now standing strong in his own right Noel releases his LP 

 ‘I Won’t Answer’

Echoes of Nick Drake linger around the edges of this album while Noel delivers a sound that is distinctively his own.  ‘I Won’t Answer’ takes you on a musical journey of emotions that at times leave your heart feeling lost, but then you are gently reminded that there are worse things to speak of, and that you are truly blessed to be lost in love.  – Fresh Independence

Name: Noel 

Age: 98

Where are you writing this: In my breakfast nook. 

Home is where your story begins, please tell us about yours.

I grew up in Brimingham Alabama, middle class, Southern Baptist, public school, suburbia.  Religious upbringing. Birmingham felt like a mediocre, industrial ghost-city when i was growing up but now it is experiencing a whole cultural rebirth that is really cool.  Birmingham seems to be finally developing an identity.

a noel 

How did music find you?

By way of my parents’ record player.  And I would improvise on the piano in empty Sunday school rooms while I waited for my parents to get out of choir practice.  By the age of 14, I was the lead singer of my first rock band, “The Royal Nonesuch.” We recorded an album of ten original songs and sold the cassettes at school.  Our parents had to drive us and our gear to the gigs!

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