Gill Landry- The Soda Bar

Photographed by Ruben Marin and Written by Britt Nicole

Playing solo for Gill Landry has been a beautiful thing. A slight philosopher in spirit, he’s an artist, poet, and songwriter for the world, and writes about his experiences from his heart.


You’re a painter, a photographer, an overall creator. Does all of the other art you do influence your music?

It might…I’ve never thought about that. It’s all self-taught. I aspire to have an art life as much as I can and keep creating.

What inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me. Women inspire me. Love. Really, everything does. Even the things that drag tend to inspire me. You learn from everything.

What influenced you to pick up a guitar?

Probably my uncle. He was the only person I had seen play a guitar when I was younger. He played with his wife, and they sang together. They sang a lot of Fleetwood Mac, too.


What do you like to listen to in your own time?

I listen to a lot of different things. As many things as I can find. I have an aesthetic to the things I like, but I’m not particular to any genre.

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David Ramirez- On Tour Now


Photography by: Ruben Marin

Written by: Britt Nicole 

David Ramirez is a man in love. In love with music, the world and the very art of both: their intimate power to change people and affect change, in a multitude of ways. You can feel that he writes from experience, from his heart and explorations with the world and with himself—not just what he imagines it to be.

Since his late teens, he’s written his way through life, and you can hear it in his music, song-to-song, album-to-album. It’s completely organic and relatable—his voice changes and molds with his character, the visions he’s seen and stories he tells, just like growing up.


A born-Texan now based in Austin, he and his new band take you through childhood, death and everything in between. He shares moments he’s felt free, and moments he’s felt confined, visions of his more conservative childhood and visions of an open world. All with beautiful country/folk/rock, Tom Petty-esque tunes and a melodic Johnny Cash-like voice, wise beyond its years.

The music is nothing short of healing, invigorating, like the best music is.

“After the show, I would hope that [my fans] feel something. When you go see a great movie, you’re a different person walking out of that film then you were going into it. I want to do great work, and that applies to the shows as well. I want it to be a good time, but I do hope that people walk out of here differently then they came. That’s always the goal.”

And with the crowd as it was—it was clear that everyone felt more than just a good time. Clusters of fans sang along, cheered exuberantly at the start of a melodic love ballad, even slow-danced. Maybe they, too, had lived a free life, traveling in their car for 6-months, like David, or maybe they had experienced another similar feeling, through a completely different experience. Regardless, his music is relatable.


Though the event was at a popular bar and music venue, it was clear that a majority of the fans came specifically for David and his headline tour, maybe even back from his last San Diego show in May.

With a musician who believes in growth, life and reflection—and with a new band he’s excited to tour with—we can only expect much greater things.

David Ramirez On Tour Now

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