Currently storyboarding

Spent some quiet time in a Cabin in the woods storyboarding our latest passion project taking on the the epidemic of Technology and Social Media. Examining this  revelation – so diligently redefining the human race

Follow us through North America, United Kingdom, India, Africa, and “Top selfie country” the Philippines.

It’s confusing because the focus of so many is to be a hero in social media – placing their value on how many Followers, Likes or shallow comments they receive – but I look and wonder how many points have they in the human race?
People feel a sense of freedom with the internet but in truth too many have become slaves with ‘it’ as their master rendering them unable to enjoy and appreciate the simple things around them with no filter on and that are simply ‘real.’

Stay tuned and we welcome you on our journey from here to there – asking has the pendulum swung too far?

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