Leon Bridges Makes the Orpheum Bounce

Last night a sold out crowd at the Orpheum Theatre – Vancouver, was bumping to the sweet sounds of Leon Bridges. This old soul born from humble beginnings brings his real deal to the stage. Blending best of the old with the new he keeps the crowd grooving with ‘Smooth Sailin’ – ‘Better Man and then he restores your soul with the ‘River.’

‘Shine he says ‘I wrote a couple of years ago, and when my Mama heard it she said ‘son you sound like a man.’

Leon just makes you feel happy and he told the crowd ‘not to be shy, to get up and enjoy the music and dance.’

When the stars align things happen quickly and a man who honours his Mother has one foot set in the right direction from the very start.

It seems he was meant to shine in the very place he is walking and what makes him so special is that he ‘gets’ that with privilege comes responsibility and Leon wears that suit well.

I am riding this musical journey and I am so happy that you are experiencing it with me.

My greatest wish for him is that he will always hold close the sense of gratitude and respect that he carries within him now.

It’s just the beginning and the world is thirsty for what Leon has to offer.

Take me to your ‘River’ Leon – I wanna go.

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