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 The affect of technology and social media- Examining this revelation diligently redefining the human race.

It’s confusing because the focus of so many is to be a hero in social media – placing their value on how many Followers, Likes or shallow comments they receive – but we must look and wonder how many points have they in the human race?
People feel a sense of freedom with the internet, but in truth too many have become slaves with ‘it’ as their master rendering them unable to enjoy and appreciate the simple things around them with no filter on and that are simply ‘real.’

Stay tuned and we welcome you on our journey from here to there – asking has the pendulum swung too far?

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No One Can Rock It On Out Like Lenny

a lenny kravitz


We have never been ones to kick someone when they are down or bring dirty deets to light, but we had to make comment on this one. Have always been a fan of Lenny Kravitz’s music and love how he washes the new with an injection of retro and really is the epitome of cool. Not every guy can rock a pair of leather pants like he can and it must of been one of the most embarrassing moments of  his life when they split open during his performance the other night. Couldn’t be a worse time for something like this to happen as everyone has a camera these days and with social media on fire it has now been imprinted in the shallow books of modern history for all to google.

Yes these are the best and the worst of times and I have to agree with Lenny as he says that these photos are ‘a breach of his human rights.’ But in truth the damage has already been done – they have been screen shot – tweeted – face booked and tag lined to haunt him forever. My Dad always told me that you can do a hundred things right but you will always be remembered for the one thing you did wrong. In this case it was involuntary and the threads of modesty let him down.

We love you Lenny and have not saved any of the photos cos it’s just wrong — simply had a quick peek and have to say — ‘nobody can rock out with their cock out’ quite like you.

Here is to many more years of amazing music.

– Fresh Independence

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