John Loves Yoko

a john loves yoko

John was a romantic at heart and the chemistry between he and Yoko was sparked from above. She was his muse, his heart, his soul and from that love was born so many beautiful songs. Perhaps his way of sharing love with the world.

When I met Yoko and fell in love I was just experiencing that thing knowing that ‘My God!’ this is different from anything before this is something other you know, this is well, I don’t know what it is, but this is fine. This is ‘Thank you, thank you, you know.’ It’s more than a hit record. It’s more than gold,. It’s more than everything it’s more than. This is something indescribable!’ – John Lennon, 1980


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What A Wonderful World

 a louis

” What we play is life. ” – Louis Armstrong August 4 1901 – July 6 1971

People pass on from this earth, but for those remaining they can never be forgotten. Our world would never have been such a wonderful place with out the music of Band Leader, Singer & Trumpeter, Louis Armstrong. He would of been 114 years old today. His songs live on forever. What an amazing interview he would be today if one had the opportunity to gain his perspective on music and how it has evolved with time.

Only a few artists are truly memorable; one of them is Louis Armstrong.

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Fabrizio Belardetti Photos From The Heart & Soul

A Fabrizio Bellardetti

A picture says a thousand words then leaves us to wonder where they come from. Who is the artist and what inspires them to seek and capture images that have the ability to imprint on the human spirit in a way one never expected. In this journey called life even art has rules but the beauty in that is letting the heart break them when the timing feels just right. Do what you love – love what you do and always allow your ambition to match your ability. Then the stars have the opportunity to align just as they are meant to and the rest can be captured in a perfect moment to be enjoyed forever.

Get to know what inspires this Italian born, now living in the heart of Vancouver photographer – Fabrizo Belardetti

Home is where your story begins… please tell us a little about yours.

My story begins in Bologna, Italy, where I was born in 1976. I was quite an exuberant kid, very curious but a bit shy.
I remember I loved to play Lego, especially during the winter, and playing outside with my friends in the warmer months.
Bologna is the food capital in Italy. I remember watching my grandmother preparing “tortellini in brodo” on Sunday morning, what a display of knowledge and talent!
You need slim fingers and great skills to create the most amazing food out there. I learned how to cook healthy and delicious food, and I will never forget their gestures.
My academic background is scientific, as I graduated in Medical Biotechnologies, and took a Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics.

A Fabrizio 2

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Music Is Sacred by Jack White

Jack White

“Don’t devalue musicians, man; support them. Making records is expensive, believe us. I don’t see people saying we should go to the movies for free, or Netflix should be free. That state of music is in flux. Be on the side of supporting creativity, not taking from it. This gives you that chance.”

Music is Sacred a Poem by Jack White

those of you who stand for the sanctity of music 
so that its soul can breathe 
and be heard 
so that it blooms in graveyards 
echoes in hotel hallways 
awakens neighbors in the night 
and fills peoples minds with fire 
shout it out loud with whatever microphone you have 
or these stones will shout for you. 
jump in front of demons, 
and stand over cowards and those who would intend 
to rip out your lungs and dampen your desire 
tell the living and the dead 
what you know in your heart to be true 
and what you know your ears 
will forever hear 
that the melody of the human race 
is a song that never ends. 
music is sacred.

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