Jacob McCaslin – Boston

“What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” ~ Anthony Robins

We caught up with Seattle native Jacob McCaslin in the last moments before he set off on a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. An amazing kid filled with ambitions to study his craft and ready to engrave his mark in music history. Jacob is a multi instrumentalist, composer, singer, & producer whom has never had a music lesson. Just the beginning for this old soul and we are excited to watch him do great things.

To discover more about this little firecracker check out his web site below and read his Q&A to see what we learned about him.

Watch for his live session with Fresh Independence coming next week!

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L U R A Y // Ethereal indie-banjo from camp Bon Iver

Hence upon the passing of one season to another Washington D.C./’s  L u r a y evolves the soul to a place of calm and sweetness. Somehow it just sounds right. Fresh Independence is proud to Debut Luray’s The Wilder LIVE and off the floor.

Keep it in the family. Luray is the indie-banjo creation of Shannon Carey. With production help from brother Sean Carey (of S. Carey and Bon Iver), Luray\’s unique sound creates strange and lovely bedfellows of different genres. Banjos, vibes, pedal steel, and ambient vocals make up this bluegrass-trained songwriter\’s new and vibrant approach to making music. The end result is somewhere between Iron & Wine and Emmylou Harris. Luray live includes Shannon Carey on banjo and vocals, Sarah Gilberg on keyboard and backing vocals, Gabriel Wisniewski on electric guitar, C.J. Wolfe on drums, and Brian Cruse on bass.

Luray is releasing their debut album, The Wilder on 8/27 and touring the east coast and midwest in September.

*Recently F R E S H  I N D E P E N D E N C E  caught up with L U R A Y to learn about the Debut Album and so much more…

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Terraplane Sun Is Venice Beach

” Not very often does a voice come along with such distinctive raw honesty as that of Ben Rothbard, and the beat that backs him up rocks you to your soul. Terraplane Sun the band to watch out for in 2014.” – Fresh Independence

The future is bright for Terraplane Sun.

Straight up from Venice Beach, California and led by the voice of frontman Ben Rothbard, their music creates an ambience that is undeniably vintage rock blues. Classic songs with a sound that makes even good girls want to groove and get lost in the night. We caught up with them in their stomping grounds and saw the place where their unique sound came to life and where the magic began to happen.

 1. How did Terraplane Sun come to be?

Luck, hard work, perseverance and a lot of Jack and sodas.

2. Tell us about your name.

It’s based off of an old Delta Blues song written by the great Robert Johnson.

A Terraplane

3. What is your musical style?

Feel good style!

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Joshua Radin – Los Angeles

Joshua Radin is a true music man sharing his personal stories of heartbreak & triumph. Encapsulating his audience with that common ground, his songs take you on a journey making you remember all that you wish to forget and just when you feel all is lost, he brings you resolution and hope with a beautiful day.
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